Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TUrtle Love TOto too ...

I have to stop my dirty and greasy Cooking/Baking in the kitchen to snap this photo!!
Did you see what I see?
Look how good they are together!!
TUrtle's flipper is on TOto's shoulder!
OMG< so funny!
I didnt do that k, I was far far away in the kitchen!
They do the darndest thing together.
I don't even dare to bring TUrtle for a wash, what should we do if TUrtle goes missg?


  1. Aww TOto looks so cute with Turtle! He seems to treat Turtle really well too... Polar's oldest soft toy is missing an eye and has wounds all over lol. I love how TOto fits in so well with your table!

    TOto looks like a small puppy! We met a purebred Westie the other day (2 months younger than Polar) and he was so much smaller than him! I'm thinking Polar is huge but I haven't met enough Westies to judge lol...

  2. @Yve
    TOto weighs about 19lbs about 8-9kg bah. How heavy is Polar cos I keep seeing you writing Polar is big. Polar with his Maltese mix, I thought he will be tiny like a minature Westie! But we have seen westies from our area ranging from 12lbs to 30lbs! Standard male westie, is about 17lbs to 22lbs, we are trying to keep TOto at the minimun weight!!

  3. Yeah but weight is deceiving! Polar weighs about 6+kg at 9 months, but he's quite tall (and hence big). I know I thought he would be quite small too but apparently not. So far the similar-aged Westies we've met are all smaller than Polar. Then again US and Aussie stock are prolly different too? I don't really judge from weight but TOto looks good & proportionate; he actually even looks small.

  4. TOto sleeping on his side is the cutest thing!

    Gus has a buddy (Digby) that he likes to snuggle up against, too. :D

  5. @Yve
    You can check out what is their standard size but for mixes, I think it will be hard for u to guage his size. We are concern of his size because we know what is TOto's mom/dad weight so we are controlling or rather maintaining him in his healthy weight range. We don't want him to be overweight. *Psst* there are alot of overweight obese dogs here in usa!!!

    Hahaha he is the cutest when he is SLEEPING!! Hahaha ~