Saturday, May 7, 2011

TOto's new bed ...

TOto loves the new US$10.00 bed we bought for him from! It seems like the price has increase to US$14.00, haha maybe to cover for their 'Free shipping' coupon that is floating online!

The first night we introduce the bed to him ...
27"L x 36"W x 4"D
He was sleeping so deeply on it!
Snuggling tightly, on the next day afternoon ...
And flipping, snoring away on next day night ...
The material of the bed is like its price, so don't expect orthopedic quality. It just feels like a Walmart US$5.00 pillow! BUT,no matter how much he loves the new bed, he would still be sneaking onto our bed in the middle of the night! Bleah ~


  1. TOto's bed looks so comfy that I want to sleep in it! I like the accessories of the giraffe pillow and hippo stuffed toy - they make TOto's bed look even more inviting :)

  2. @Maple mommy, TOto is really pampered and has beds and pillow lying all around the house. But when we see this giraffe pillow at only USD2.50, we cannot control ourselves hahaha!