Thursday, May 26, 2011

TOto is still being GROUNDED!

Recently we are too lazy to go anywhere, and we have been trying to 'train' him to run within boundaries plus we had a great patch of greens just below our apartment! I will bring my portable chair, mp3 player, and TOto's water supplies and just let him to run lose in the small park area; staying within the pavement.
TOto knows that 'THIS IS HIS TERRITORY'!
We play 'Fetch' with him!
And he didn't bring back the ball, and decide to roll on it instead!
Lazy boy!
Everytime we play 'Fetch', he is always very 'smelly', by the time we want to throw the ball; he is already waiting halfway of the run! So we will purposely throw the opposite direction of where he is waiting!
From time to time, there will be a few familiar dogs to play with TOto and some owners would let loose their dogs to play with TOto and TOto only; because they trust that TOto will not elope with their dogs.

We guess this should be enough stimulation for him for the day ...
Usually we stayed for about an hour because if TOto gets too tired, he gets cranky and suddenly becomes abit 'kuku' and doesn't listen to recalls, and taking all the 'risk' that he is not allow to.
And we have to pull him by his leash to GO HOME!

But for most of the time, he is a perfect puppy!


  1. It's great that you guys have that beautiful green lawn right in your condo for TOto to run and play off-leash. Sooo convenient! We have something similar where we live, but not quite as large.

    Sometimes we'll monitor the area first and only let Maple off-leash when there are no other four-leggers around because we're still working very hard on her recall. Once, she spotted two friendly dogsters walking by on their leashes and she ran up to them in circles, barking, and inviting them to play. The owner was understandably not very pleased with Maple and I had to apologize profusely! Ack, really embarassing.. *blush*

  2. Your estate is so pretty! It's good that he knows where to run within then he won't run amok when he sees rabbits. I'm still learning how to establish boundaries when we walk Polar off-lead. Which means he doesn't get much off-lead walking lol.

    So funny how he will run before you throw! What a smart puppy (:

  3. @Maple Mommy
    We usually monitor the area first too. TOto's recall is unreliable too, especially when he is tired, he goes kuku. But if we go home at the right time, he will skip happily back home. If he gets too tired, we have to 'catch' him and drag him up the stairs!

    TOto runs up to other doggies too, but most of the people and dog-owners here know TOto so they know his temperament plus he doesn't bark so the other owners tolerate TOto quite well.

    I guess if these dog-owners understand dog's behaviour they should know that these are normal dog behaviour. SOmetime I just wish dog-owners educate themselves more on dogs' behaviour.

  4. @Yves
    Just today TOto ran off with a rabbit and ran across a road. A car drove past, our hearts almost jump out of our mouth! The rabbits here are very naughty, they purposely show themselves to want to play with TOto! Arrrghhh, we are getting a pellet gun SOON!

  5. If he runs before you throw maybe you can play frisbee with him! I wanna try next time with Panpo (:

    OMG! I would get a heart attack man! Whenever Polar runs out onto the road I will go crazy and keep scolding him! Hmm... try to teach him the 'leave it' command? Try at home first, when he has something in his mouth, tell him to leave it and swap it for something of a higher value, like a smelly cheese or liver treat.

  6. @yve
    TOto doesnt like frisbee as much because he prefer to chase after stuffs. Think he don't like to jump.

    Haha he know everything you say here.
    Leave it, drop it, STOP, No ...
    Give treats exchange tricks ok, when at home ok, when there are other dogs around he also can do but when it comes to Rabbit he goes ga ga!