Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Art Festival @Frisco Square

There are supposed to be alot of Easter egg picking activities everywhere BUT mammeee and daddeee woke up toooooooo late and so there is only one event left to attend!
After our usual weekend errands, we drove over to Frisco Square for their Art festival.
It was very HOT, SUMMER HOT!
We see quite a number of furkids but they were panting real badly!
We, of course remember to bring TOto's water. 
There were mini performances at the 2 end of the festival.

When we are going home soon, mammeee request for Caramel Popcorn!
See mammeee looking so happy and posing for daddeee with the VERY EXPENSIVE small packet of Popcorn which daddeee keeps complaining about!
Daddeee says mammeee got expensive taste-bud and chose the most expensive popcorn!!

TOto going home to TUrtle; Bliss ~

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

@Celebration Park

We just realized that we have this HUGE gorgeous park which is about 5minutes drive away!!
It was so big we can let TOto walk with us unleashed ...

And TOto indeed walked better unleashed! He just followed us tightly, he still sniffs about but will definitely keep himself near us. He will run ahead and sniffs and when we walked past him, he follows. He was a hit at the park, but of course he seldom allow people near him UNLESS they have a dog biscuit on their hand. And he doesn't run towards children or people playing sports on the field.

We are happy, he didn't embarrassed us!
TOto right beside daddeee and sometimes turns behind to make sure mammeee is following!

With such big empty field, I wonder why are they so many overweight kids around. They should be out and about running in these empty fields. The kiddos here are so lucky!!
We cannot leave without a few round of fetch right.

Look pretty for mammeee TOto!
Such a happy dog today!

And when we say,"TOto ar, hook up ok?"
He happily walked over and let us hook him to go home.

We see ourselves coming here more often.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First K9 event at Huffhines Park!

It's SPRING but feels like SUMMER already!
When we arrives we realised it is a small event.
Not alot of vendors around ...
There is a half hour dog show performed by 'Dancing Dogs'.
I am that 'ODD' Chinese asian that carries a umbrella EVERYWHERE!
He is wearing a cute tee that says "PUParazzi"
TOto whining for attention and treats, because he was BORED and HOT.

Then there is a costume parade.
But I find the whole event very disorganized. Nobody knows what everybody is doing and they are just walking BLINDLY under the HOT HOT SUN! In the end, after walking round and round like for about 7-8 round, the organiser suddenly announced only participants in costumes are allowed in the 'PARADE'! 
Love this little cowboy with his tze-zu.
Once I see the 'Avatar' costume, I know they will win for sure.
Luckily we can watched in comfort under the shade of a Ice-cream van.
This puppy goldie refused to walk under the sun!
In the end, after final selection of final 6, these contestant are still asked to WALK!
They might have walked like 10-15rounds already!!!
After everything, we realised there are another compeition in the WALK, which is 'MOST WELL BEHAVED' and these final contestants still need to walked FURTHER!

We cannot stand the heat under the shade anymore and LEFT.
Poor contestants, I wonder what are the 'gifts' that they are fighthing for!?

Very poor organisation of the whole event; very disappointing.

Monday, March 12, 2012

General update @ 2y1month old

  • So far we are very satisfied with this mix; Orijen 6 Fish & Lamb & Acana Okanagan Apple AND Fish oil Supplement! His poop is consistently dark and compact, and with less recurrent of anal gland issue. But he seems to be hungrier and wants to eat more than usual.  He seems to be eating ALOT recently after his last stomach+vomit episode, and has gain some weight and he is now 20lbs! We wonder is it because there isn't any 'RICE' in the ingredient for both kibbles that we fed him?
  • TOto has tame down alot and a 1hr run in the dog park is more than enough to make him tired. And most days he spent the day (9am - 5pm) sleeping away only 'waking' up in the evening for walks and playtime with Daddeee. And most day by 10pm, he will starts his 'sleeping' regimen.
  • His potty are very regular now. Once in the morning, once in the evening and one last time before we sleep at night. Sometimes he is so tired, he REFUSED to go out for his last potty and if we know he drank alot we have to carry him down!!
  • And he has learn how to get our attention to bring him down for potty if he is 'urgent' in the middle of the night when both of us are sleeping!
  • He knows he has to brush his teeth everynight, sometimes he will hide under the table and refused to come out BUT of course we know how to LURE him out of his hideout. Westie being westie, CURIOSITY always kill them! As long as we look out of the window and 'act' like we see something downstairs, he will JUMP out of his hiding place. Duhz ...
  • He learnt a new trick recently, it took 3days but finally he get it. We taught him how to 'BACK UP'. Hopefully we can upload a video of him doing his new trick soon!

Waiting for daddeee right outside the toilet, and then making himself comfortable on the black lounge chair when daddeee left for work.

A pretty Easter theme bunny tee!
TOto on the walk.
A neighbour exclaimed TOto has the cutest tee!
Ya, he is the most stylish dog on the block hahahaha ...

Monday, March 5, 2012

TOto loves the slide ...

The first time we brought him on the slide, he was scared and dare not do it by himself. But TOto is very clever, he wants to try and 'request' to slide down with daddeee! TOto scratches daddeee thigh and sat on him and they slide down together. 
And after that he was addicted. 

The next time I brought TOto to the park, he PULL me there and wanted to play the slide but I don't want to do it; he was soooooooooooo dissappointed.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

TOto's Report : TOto don't care ...

TOto is very comfortable THIS WAY!