Monday, March 12, 2012

General update @ 2y1month old

  • So far we are very satisfied with this mix; Orijen 6 Fish & Lamb & Acana Okanagan Apple AND Fish oil Supplement! His poop is consistently dark and compact, and with less recurrent of anal gland issue. But he seems to be hungrier and wants to eat more than usual.  He seems to be eating ALOT recently after his last stomach+vomit episode, and has gain some weight and he is now 20lbs! We wonder is it because there isn't any 'RICE' in the ingredient for both kibbles that we fed him?
  • TOto has tame down alot and a 1hr run in the dog park is more than enough to make him tired. And most days he spent the day (9am - 5pm) sleeping away only 'waking' up in the evening for walks and playtime with Daddeee. And most day by 10pm, he will starts his 'sleeping' regimen.
  • His potty are very regular now. Once in the morning, once in the evening and one last time before we sleep at night. Sometimes he is so tired, he REFUSED to go out for his last potty and if we know he drank alot we have to carry him down!!
  • And he has learn how to get our attention to bring him down for potty if he is 'urgent' in the middle of the night when both of us are sleeping!
  • He knows he has to brush his teeth everynight, sometimes he will hide under the table and refused to come out BUT of course we know how to LURE him out of his hideout. Westie being westie, CURIOSITY always kill them! As long as we look out of the window and 'act' like we see something downstairs, he will JUMP out of his hiding place. Duhz ...
  • He learnt a new trick recently, it took 3days but finally he get it. We taught him how to 'BACK UP'. Hopefully we can upload a video of him doing his new trick soon!

Waiting for daddeee right outside the toilet, and then making himself comfortable on the black lounge chair when daddeee left for work.

A pretty Easter theme bunny tee!
TOto on the walk.
A neighbour exclaimed TOto has the cutest tee!
Ya, he is the most stylish dog on the block hahahaha ...


  1. OMG!! I want that tee. Where'd you get it?

    1. You mean the one with the bunny tail, we got them from TJmaxx :)

  2. Sometime's I'm so jealous of Toto's white fur! All the clothes look so cute on him! It's hard to find shirts that look nice on Kip because he's this mix of brown black and blue.

    1. Thanks kim, we usually buy discounted tee for him! But you are right because he is white, every colour just feels right!

  3. Whew, I've finally caught up with the posts that I've missed! Firstly, glad to hear that TOto's tummy troubles have passed. I know how worrying it can be when our furkids aren't feeling well and there's no way to communicate with them to find out what exactly is the problem. They're sad little eyes tell it like it is.

    If sounds like TOto is mellowing out with age. I find the same is happening with Maple who will turn 2 in May. She is definitely less active at home, but she still loves to play outdoors and will never get tired from fetch.

    1. Haha we are already calling TOto, hey OLD DOG!