Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Art Festival @Frisco Square

There are supposed to be alot of Easter egg picking activities everywhere BUT mammeee and daddeee woke up toooooooo late and so there is only one event left to attend!
After our usual weekend errands, we drove over to Frisco Square for their Art festival.
It was very HOT, SUMMER HOT!
We see quite a number of furkids but they were panting real badly!
We, of course remember to bring TOto's water. 
There were mini performances at the 2 end of the festival.

When we are going home soon, mammeee request for Caramel Popcorn!
See mammeee looking so happy and posing for daddeee with the VERY EXPENSIVE small packet of Popcorn which daddeee keeps complaining about!
Daddeee says mammeee got expensive taste-bud and chose the most expensive popcorn!!

TOto going home to TUrtle; Bliss ~


  1. Street Fairs are always so fun! I love caramel popcorn and cheese popcorn. It is a shame that they can get pricy. I should probably get a portable water bowl for Kip. I've been pouring water from my bottle into my palm when Kip needs water and I bet a portable water bowl would be so much more convinient!

    1. @Kim, my husband was grumbling and complaining USD5 for such a small packet hahaha. After that he bought a few boxes of Orville caramel popcorn for me to pop at home :( hahaha ~

      We have a few of these foldable bowl of TOto everywhere; in his bag, in hub car, at home etc. Each time we see them in Marshall or Tjmaxx we will get them. So much cheaper than in Petsmart of Petco! They hv it in different sizes too. Texas is too HOT, so water and bowl is a must if we bring TOto out anywhere.