Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TOto sleeping ritual with his buddy TUrtle!

I finally videoed TOto's sleeping ritual with TUrtle! OMG, it is not easy to capture them in action together. Usually when he starts his ritual and you have any movement, he will stop his 'ritual' and walk away! Hahaha maybe he is embarassed by this baby ritual of his!

So when his ritual starts, I will have to be (1) at the right place, (2) on the right time and (3) with the camera nearby!

Does your dogs do these too?
It will especially happen when he is VERY TIRED!
I have already edited the video to about 2minutes, this whole ritual lasted about 4-5minutes!

I tell you huh, the TUrtle beard is so disgusting, that part of his head is 'HARD' like cardboard because of TOto's constant licking with his saliva! It is so dirty, we don't dare to touch TUrtle hahaha!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rowlett Wetzone Dog Swim 2011!

TOto is super duper tired after that day and was so knocked out for the next three days onwards. This is still a small pool as compared to the Hawaiian Fall that we went last year. I am so looking forward to the ones organised by Hawaiian Fall happening in 18 September!

So angry with humanbeans!

Sometimes I wonder HOW humanbeans think!?
When you have a dog, and you going to have a baby, the first thing you have to do is the READ UP on how to bring the baby back into the house so that your dog can accept the baby as part of the pack. And of course if you know you are going to have kids one day, then since DAY 1 you have to socialised them with kids! You'll be amazed how well TOto does with kids, TOto even allowed a toddler to grab his face and gave TOto a WET SLURPY kiss and after that being PUSH away by the toddler! It was HILARIOUS! TOto gives kiddos alot of leeway!

I believe I read somewhere the dog has to meet the baby and socialised with the baby in a neutral territory before bringing the baby back into the house!

Anyway today's there is a news on a facebook group 'I LOVE my Westie'.

Although I emphatise with the couple but I really DON'T SEE that it is any good news? How do they know that the dog is going to a GOOD HOME when they are so desperate to give the dog away JUST LIKE that and is willing to FLY HIM ANYWHERE just to get rid of the dog. I wish I can take him in, but I cannot.
Another fellow fb posted this :
FREE TO A GOOD HOME: 6 year old child. Genuine reason, I've got a new puppy so no longer have the time for the child. Also worried the child might bite the puppy. Child is currently kept in a crate. Needs home by tomorrow or it'll be put to sleep. Thanks. YOU WOULDN'T DO THIS TO A CHILD SO WHY DO YOU SEE IT AS ACCEPTABLE TO DO IT TO A DOG OR A CAT? If you can't dedicate at least 10 years to a dog/cat, don't get one!! Copy and paste if you agree
And I actually agree with her. If  it is the other way, it is your kid who has hurt your dog would you actually give them away and just FLY them out just like this!? And whose fault it is if you let your child get so close to the dog that they BITE? I know TOto very well, he would rather RUN FAR FAR away then choose to bite you. They only start to bite if they have NO CHOICE, their first instinct is always to RUN!

And yet they have people blindly supporting such decisions and is happy that Aspen is going to a 'FAB' home in TN after like 'advertising' for a few hours . HALLOW I think these people are just brainless. How do they know if these 'Human' are not dogbeaters or going to sell Aspen for a good price? Somehow I just wonder how dedicated some people are ...

It just hurts me to know such a handsome boy is given away just like that, where is the 2.5 years that they spent gone to?

2.5 Years = 913 Days = 21914.55 Hours = 1314873 Minutes

I am just so sad, I want to cry ...
And yes 'HOPEFULLY' he goes to a more deserving family who will treasure him and treats him right.

While writing and reading all the 'unfairness' of the world, my furball is sleeping just beside me! I really cannot imagine giving him away one day. My heart will die ...
I hope I do not have to make such a decision one day ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enrolled for X-agility!

We have enrolled TOto in "The X-Dog Agility Challenge" Level 1. This is not compeititive, just for fun! And poor mammeee and daddeee has to wake up at 6.30am latest to drive TOto out for his 'extra-curriculum'!
Program starts 10 September 2011 @ 8.00am every Saturday for 6 sessions, and most probably a 30minutes drive?

TOto will learn:
  • Motivation and handling around distractions
  • Build confidence in your dog and yourself as a trainer/handler
  • Learn how to target your dog to an object
  • Learn a fast down-stay and follow
  • Lead your dog through jumps, hoops, tunnels and other fun obstacles.

This is TOto for the next 2 days after his daycamp and swimming session.
Sleep, stretch, sleep stretch and sleep SOME MORE!

mammeee and daddeee is HAPPY to have a tired sleepy furball!

Monday, August 22, 2011

TOto goes swimming!

Summer holidays has ended for kiddos and 'Activities' are lining up for doggies!!

Just Saturday there are 2 other swimming events but those pools are very small so we didn't bring TOto but chosen this particular event at Rowlett's Wetzone. It was a 40minutes drive away from home but Daddeee of course are more than willing to do it for TOto!

More photographs and video to come soon ...

Monday, August 15, 2011

the BRAT who whines for everything!

TOto's whine has different type of tone, urgency and loudness. If he wants to 'Play'; the whine will be very soft and whiney. Sometimes when he hear dog walking pass and wants to go out of the patio; his whine is loud, sharp and might progress to ONE BARK. And when he get a scolding he will go back to a softer whining. And during the night, his whine will be softer, no matter how urgent he doesn't dare to whine too loud unless a stranger dog walk pass, he will be growling and barking!

People who hasn't has dog will be surprised that dogs has their way of communication with human via 'chitchatting' their way ...

This video is when TOto is whining for daddeee to play but daddeee ignore and TOto starts to complain to mammeee to get his way!! Hahaha, and yes TOto will choose who he wants to play with or who to do things for him. Sometime when daddeee doesn't wants to play with him, you be surprised that he will come to the kitchen entrance to whine to me to 'COMPLAIN' daddeee.

YOu can see in this video he is choosing Hubs to play!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How u noe TOto has a good day at Daycamp?

It was a rainy Saturday and we usually bring TOto about for his business before we let him go into the car!
And on rainy days, TOto is VERY CHOOSY and takes a long time sniffing out the 'PERFECT' pooping grass!! ARrrrghhh TOto everywhere you can poop, JUST DO IT ok!
TOto's favourite Camp with alot of FRIENDS he knows!
And the next day this is what happen!!
NO reaction from TOto when we mention, 'Walk walk'!
No reaction even when we hold his leash and collar in his face!
Usually when you accidentally 'touch' his leash, he will JUMP up from nowhere and look at you! And if we hold up his leash, he will start to jump up, and circle around you! Today he just look at Hubs, take a LONG LONG time to stretch and take his OWN SWEET TIME to decide whether he wants to go down!

It is soooooooooo FUNNY!
Hahahaha ~
But we know he had a GREAT day in camp yesterday!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Westie TOto @ Lewisville Dog park 08.05.2011

Friday night was a good night, there were so MANY dogs!
TOto has a good time socialising, sniffing and licking with all the different dogs in the dog park.
TOto got tired even before the real play starts, but of course one of the reason is the 'weather'!
It is still VERY VERY WARM!
Halfway through a cute Chihuahua came and TOto was infatuated with him! They are having this unusual attraction with each other and starts their "Bro'mancing"! Chihuahua was snubbing TOto initially and wasn't giving him any attention, but TOto persist and they starts to 'play'; erm unusual play!
Later on in the night TOto met this 'Profession THEIF', hahahaha. Turkey seems very distance and doesn't play with any dog in the park. Turkey is always far away and only comes to you to 'STEAL' your toy and bring it near his owner to play!! I had a hard time getting TOto 'toy' back!!

But before the night end, both of them become the BEST OF BUDDY!
Once again, TOto melted Turkey's icy heart and starts to warm up and play 'wrestling' with TOto!
TOto even share his water bowl with TUrkey!
They ran, played, wrestled, fetched and bully other dogs together!!
Don't be trick by Turkey size he weighs only 14lbs, so skinny!
TOto is a fatso weighing in at almost 20lbs!!!
SO TOto can only win TUrkey in wrestling ...
Some clips on this happy night at the dogpark!

Friday, August 5, 2011

TOto's Report : On the Patio with Mammeee ...

Recently Mammeee has been addicted to this bimbo books of Izabella's life as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend! So Mammeee has been spending some Patio time alone with TOto! TOto loves and looks forward to this bonding time with mammeee, but she is finishing the book soon! I hope mammeee goes get another book to spend some alone time with TOto for the rest of our life together!!!
mammeee trying tomake herself comfortable by stretching her big fat thigh on my bed ...
TOto usually waits for mammeee to get comfortable before 'requesting' to lap with mammeee ...
(mammeee interrupt TOto's report; TOto's 'request' meant using his nails scratching and digging on mammeee thigh!)

"Mammeee STOP interrupting TOto's report!!"

Ok continue, right after TOto made the request, mammeee will carry TOto up on mammeee comfy thigh but recently mammeee used a pillow pad on her thigh so that TOto is more comfy!
I will squeeze on mammeee big fat thigh while doing my security duty looking out for rabbits and ninjas!
Haaaaaa, TOto loves my Security Job when mammeee is here with me.

Wait *growl* TOto spotted a new dog on the block.
*Bark Bark Bark* *Bark Bark Bark*
TOto need to show the new guy who is the ALPHA of the block!!!

mammeee and TOto forever ...
*Bark Bark Bark*
 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

(Mammeee pssst : The 'new dog' is a 100lb Husky!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recent habit of TOto

TOto will wake up every morning at about 6am and whine for me to let him out to the patio.
At 7am, he will wants to come into the bedroom and wait till 8am to WHINE me up again!

I wake to prepare daddeee's lunchbox while TOto being confine with daddeee in the bedroom ...

When daddeee wake, he will bring TOto down for his morning walk.

For the rest of the afternoon, he will be sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping ...
Sleep somemore ...
Sometime he will sleep beside me on the sofa and just show his peepee at my face!
During dinner, he will standby beside the table wait for us.
Once we leave the dining table, he will be on standby with 'boing boing' next to him!!
Haha Daddeee will be multi-tasking; playing with TOto while watching TV.
TOto will have a long walked at 8pm, now the sun sets at 8.15pm.
And TOto has a last fast run downstairs for a last pee at 10.30pm and he will automatically end up on our bed!
This is a good day!