Monday, August 15, 2011

the BRAT who whines for everything!

TOto's whine has different type of tone, urgency and loudness. If he wants to 'Play'; the whine will be very soft and whiney. Sometimes when he hear dog walking pass and wants to go out of the patio; his whine is loud, sharp and might progress to ONE BARK. And when he get a scolding he will go back to a softer whining. And during the night, his whine will be softer, no matter how urgent he doesn't dare to whine too loud unless a stranger dog walk pass, he will be growling and barking!

People who hasn't has dog will be surprised that dogs has their way of communication with human via 'chitchatting' their way ...

This video is when TOto is whining for daddeee to play but daddeee ignore and TOto starts to complain to mammeee to get his way!! Hahaha, and yes TOto will choose who he wants to play with or who to do things for him. Sometime when daddeee doesn't wants to play with him, you be surprised that he will come to the kitchen entrance to whine to me to 'COMPLAIN' daddeee.

YOu can see in this video he is choosing Hubs to play!


  1. I'm glad Miss Toki doesn't have a little cute whine like that, or I wouldn't be able to say no to anything she asked!

  2. Miss Toki is not as PAMPERED, haha. We pamper, erm I pamper TOto TOO MUCH!! WE SPOIL HIM!