Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Enrolled for X-agility!

We have enrolled TOto in "The X-Dog Agility Challenge" Level 1. This is not compeititive, just for fun! And poor mammeee and daddeee has to wake up at 6.30am latest to drive TOto out for his 'extra-curriculum'!
Program starts 10 September 2011 @ 8.00am every Saturday for 6 sessions, and most probably a 30minutes drive?

TOto will learn:
  • Motivation and handling around distractions
  • Build confidence in your dog and yourself as a trainer/handler
  • Learn how to target your dog to an object
  • Learn a fast down-stay and follow
  • Lead your dog through jumps, hoops, tunnels and other fun obstacles.

This is TOto for the next 2 days after his daycamp and swimming session.
Sleep, stretch, sleep stretch and sleep SOME MORE!

mammeee and daddeee is HAPPY to have a tired sleepy furball!


  1. Panpo have finished Obedience and will start Agility soon too! Look forward to hearing about TOto's classes :)

  2. TOto hasn't been to any class, I am wondering how he can cope! Haha I think TOto has ADD la, cannot concentrate but Hub would be the handler so I just sit by the side and laugh can liao!

  3. I thought Panpo would be horrible too but they turned out pretty good! I handled Panda while B handled Polar for Obedience but I wanna take Polar to Agility! I think Panda would be pretty useless at Agility and we should save our money... lol

  4. @Yve, Hope so! CROSS FINGER, hahaha! Just hope he doesn't just want to play. There was another same type of class we wanted to attend when he was younger but he instructor INSIST we take the obedience class but HUB refused haha say TOto knows most of the basic liao just whether TOto in the end want to do it or not. We see how his 'HOME-schooling' work out for him, haha!

    Panda is more of a LAPDog bah! You bring Panda to Agility it will be like you ask him to run, HE will think,"WHY DON'T you go crawl Loop youself hahaha. And It seems like Polar has more Westie than maltese in him!! Kekeke ...

  5. We tried taking Polar through the agility course at one of the dog parks and he was actually pretty good! I'm just scared I'll ruin his joints because I haven't handled for agility before. Judging by how he jumps on the bed ("Polar, off!" *jumps off then instantly jumps on again*) and couch and everywhere he should be a breeze for agility lol. Definitely more Westie than Maltese.