Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Westie TOto @ Lewisville Dog park 08.05.2011

Friday night was a good night, there were so MANY dogs!
TOto has a good time socialising, sniffing and licking with all the different dogs in the dog park.
TOto got tired even before the real play starts, but of course one of the reason is the 'weather'!
It is still VERY VERY WARM!
Halfway through a cute Chihuahua came and TOto was infatuated with him! They are having this unusual attraction with each other and starts their "Bro'mancing"! Chihuahua was snubbing TOto initially and wasn't giving him any attention, but TOto persist and they starts to 'play'; erm unusual play!
Later on in the night TOto met this 'Profession THEIF', hahahaha. Turkey seems very distance and doesn't play with any dog in the park. Turkey is always far away and only comes to you to 'STEAL' your toy and bring it near his owner to play!! I had a hard time getting TOto 'toy' back!!

But before the night end, both of them become the BEST OF BUDDY!
Once again, TOto melted Turkey's icy heart and starts to warm up and play 'wrestling' with TOto!
TOto even share his water bowl with TUrkey!
They ran, played, wrestled, fetched and bully other dogs together!!
Don't be trick by Turkey size he weighs only 14lbs, so skinny!
TOto is a fatso weighing in at almost 20lbs!!!
SO TOto can only win TUrkey in wrestling ...
Some clips on this happy night at the dogpark!


  1. :( ok here goes again.

    I loved the video!! Both B and I hehe. The chihuahuas are huge :O & I love the Klee Kai! There is only one breeder here who imported them from US and they are so tiny!! What kind of name is Turkey hahahaha.. So hard to see if TOto is dominant or submissive :D He sure is having lots of fun with them at the dog park :)

    Polar kept trying to hump a big fat (male desexed) Rottweiler ystd at the dog park =_= The dog park here doesn't have lights and it's dark at 5:30... stupid right. Bugger it we're moving to the US hahahaha!

    BTW I found a local version of that cap - they sell it on small bottles and it can be transferable to other mineral bottles :) It also comes with a string for easy carrying and a cap when not in use! Panda loves it but Polar not so much :( so I think we still have to bring the bowl. They drink a lot more from the bowl too..

  2. haha huge mah?
    Ya I love the klee kai too, so rare this is the first time I see one too! Never know there is a miniature huskey!

    Oh right TOto is a confuse dog hahaha. WHen he play with rough or stranger dog he wants to win, when he play with small or puppy he let them win. WHen he play with a stranger dog until buddy buddy, he will let them win too! Haha maybe not aggressive enough to be a dominant dog!!

    We also just know from Turkey daddy that in dallas i think this is one of the few dogparks that have lights at night. His daddy drove 45minutes here from where they are from!

    Here in USA< dogs not neutered/spayed cannot enter dogparks le. Have to ka cha, if not people throw ur dogs dirty look if ur dogs keep humping other dogs!!

    Nice, how much is it sold in Aus? Take a picture leh, hehe want to see what the diff keke.

  3. Dunno leh why the chihuahua so big in comparison to TOto, or maybe TOto is small?

    True dominant dogs aren't aggressive la, but then again it's hard to find truly dominant dogs anyway. I heard that a lot of dogs will give way to puppies until a certain age, not sure how true that is!

    It's a really big dog park. The parks here are pretty small. Usually there are no dogs at most of them anyway so we just frequent one. Thinking of not going there anymore because Polar likes to hump desexed/male dogs lol. Might get him desexed after 18 months la, see how. Thinking of desexing Mikan more than Polar though cuz she's female.

    It's in the car, will take a photo when I have a chance :) It's quite different, the mouth is a lot smaller, a bit like those you hang on a cage for hamsters lol... Cost $5.99.

  4. TOto SMALL!! He almost 20lbs leh, haha I no strenght to carry him liao. Maybe he 矮冬瓜, very short bah!

    Yah the dog parks here is HUGE, I wonder how our dogs can handle going back to SG. No more lake, no more lush green grass to run haiz. Just thinking about it so sad!

    Oh I think I know what type you are talking about le. SG has lot of that type. U shld take a look when u go back for holiday! Oh u be in Taiwan/HK alot of cheap cheap, and cute doggies stuff like shoes clothes accessories, dont forget to check them out. Haha can get some winter accessories for ur panpomi!

  5. Polar is I think 7kg! He is quite tall though. He used to be muscular, now with all the hair gone I think he is quite skinny! Need to feed him more hahaa.

    SG got uh, reservoirs? LOL. Or take him to Sentosa/ECP to run run :)

    Yeah those are cheap lah, but it serves our our purpose so idc. I know! I can't wait to go to find lots of stuff for them! I know the last time I went to Thailand I bought lots of clothes for them :P SG doesn't really have much leh, I tried checking out all the pet stores I came across, like don't really have many things I thought were interesting. I just bought supplements and clippers for them. I also ordered beds for them from US a couple months ago! Hope they arrive at my friend's place soon (they were on backorder). Winter here over already, now is spring time! No need anything already lol.

  6. TOto is 20lbs le 9kg bah! Very heavy hahaha!! Pui dog haha ...

    Hiaz my only consolation is my future home will be near a small small reservoir but also about 10minutes walk bah, maybe this time I go back SG will try to walk the distance see how far.

  7. I LOVE watching videos of TOto playing with other dogsters! It looks like TOto can get along with any canine. I bet TOto has a very high EQ score ;)

    We really enjoy bringing Maple out to the dog park, but she's still nervous when meeting new dogs and isn't very eager to play. I've noticed that she'll only befriend dogs who are smaller or more timid than she is...both of which are hard to come by because Maple is already SO small AND timid!

  8. @Maple's mommy
    Maybe maple wasn't as well socialised when she was lola, and when u got her she has pass her 'socialisation' stage? I rem the socialisation stage was a very short period of timeframe when she can be socialised with as much stuffs as possible! But no worries, Maple has lots of human's love!!

    The poodles we see here are SO HYPER< TOto cannot catch up with them hahaha tat why we RARELY see TOto play with a Poodle. He is too fat and SLOW for a poodle, wahahahaha!!

  9. That's an interesting thought about the socialization stage. Perhaps Maple will always be a little anti-social given that she didn't have the opportunity to play with other dogs when she was younger... and that's something we'll just have to accept. You're right, though, Maple is happy being in our company - we should be grateful for that!