Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The walk around our neighbourhood

The weather is very good today!
A windy 25 degrees Celsius = 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

TOto always loves to go about this tree, and he always try to 'mark' on the tall branches.

Loves how his carrot tail standing up tall!

Our daily walks ...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Loyal Dog!

 I wonder how would he FARE, if we left him somewhere to wait for me?
It would be great if he can wait outside any stores while I shop!
BUT, I guess TOto would leave with the first person who offer him a biscuit!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Guess, what's next?

I was taking a series of his Sleeping position because it looks so yoga-ish at the stretch on his back lying on the pillow.
I was snapping away, and still TOto didn't realised he was captured on camera!
Look at the curve on his back ...
The next thing we saw ...

Both of us are laughing so hard while he was still in a daze and stuck in between the table and the bed mattress! And his body was stuck in between the leg of the table, he couldn't move. He was still yawning and struggling to open his eyes! Hahahaha, in the end I have to carry him out of his predicament. It would have been the funniest home video if I am doing a recording, what  a waste!

But it was so funny!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Canine Common 20120225

From what we observed, TOto still prefers to play in green green grass.
He seems to be more defensive here, and doesn't really like to play as much in dirt and mud.
But we are secretly happy because he doesn't gets too dirty!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Peaceful Friday

TOto is all back to his normal self.
  • 8.00am : Morning potty and walk, with Daddeee.
  • 8.30am : Patiently waiting for breakfast and sending off Daddeee to work.
  • 9.00am : Snooze off in the bedroom with mammeee.
  • 1.00pm : Comes out into the livingroom and TOto continues to snooze.
  • 4.30pm : Starts to walk in and out the Balcony hinting to mammeee it's time for 2nd walk.
  • 5.00om : An hour walk around the neighbourhood.
  • 6.00pm : After his wipewipe, waits patiently for dinner.
  • 7.30pm : Daddeee comes home and starts to play.
  • 8.30pm : Starts to rest but will still request to play from time to time...
  • 10.00pm : Last walk or last potty session of the day.
  • 11.30pm : Brush his teeth and he will snuck off to sleep.

TOto only gets excited and wanting to play when Daddeee is home. Usually with just me and TOto, alone at home, TOto is always resting or napping here and there. TOto seldom wants to play with me. Hehehe~ 

Lucky me right!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the Walk to Canine Common

This is how he says,"mammeee, I don't want to wear a t-shirt!'
And he continue to sit there hiding at the corner, refusing to come out until I tell him,"Ok you don't want to go right? I just bring leashleash and teetee out ok!?" and walked out of the door. 
And then he will finally surrender and walked out.
We can walked about 2.4km/1.5miles to a nearby dog park here, 'Canine Common'.
Most of the way there are paved.
But there are still some ways that are unpaved ...
And most junctions has traffic lights for pedastrian, so TOto you have to 'Sit, Look left and Look right!'.
And usually we will walked past a Petsmart store and he will walk right in without hesitating!
He will walked right in and then out ...
After about 30minutes, we will reach Canine Common.
TOday is about 25C, there are alot of people and dogs out here. But TOto is still very anti-social and defensive, he doesn't want to interact with the other dogs.

TOto was very happy when Daddeee arrived but still kept to himself and always sat and walked behind us. I want to see the confident TOto who always skip and walk INFRONT of us.

Luckily there is a very persistent Cocker Spaniel who felt in love at first sight with TOto and she kept coming back to TOto luring TOto to play and finally TOto relent and started RUNNING and wrestling with her. We finally see TOto running around the park in FULL speed and starts to wrestle again.

It seems like TOto has regain his confident, we are so HAPPY!
The mischievous and confident him is BACK.
But we didn't stay for long, TOto is hungry!
He ate ALOT tonight

Hopefully I can walked him here soon again, but seems like COLD FRONT is coming in tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jolly Good Mood ~

Today TOto is in a rare good mood.
He ate up all his breakfast and ask for biscuits, played with Daddeee before he left for work.
After Daddeee left he played with his biscuits and then took out his chew to play with them
Preying and rolling on the chew, shaking his butt.
Then looking at mammeee trying to hypnotized mammeee to play with him.
Got distracted and took his chew out to the Patio.
I was elated to see him happy and bouncy ...
I think he is REALLY feeling better already.
Hopefully he gets back to his mischievous self soon.

Tummy is the best?

Today TOto refused to have breakfast and water in the morning ...
I was very worried, he looks lethargic.

Even took a snooze on my tummy, keke ~
In the evening we brought him down to the dog park again, but he is really not himself.
He didn't play with any dogs and was just running away from them. He followed us closely and always hiding behind Daddeee or me. When we say 'Go home', he didn't resist either ...

But when he was home, he ate ALOT!
We have to keep refilling his bowl with all his different food, haha.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In my lap, ok?

I love it when he sleep so comfortably in my lap.
I can hear his heart beating, and feel him dreaming away ... 

He is very normal today, had his breakfast and dinner as usual but still choosy ...
But we are happy as long as he eats.

Lethargic and tired TOto

Today is the 4th day since he first vomited and the anti-nausea shot definitely work. TOto stop all vomiting after the Emergency walk-in. But TOto is still being choosy and being very careful about what he puts in his mouth. It is as if TOto remembers all the food that made him barf and he is rejecting all of them. He even rejects his favourite minced lamb!! He looks at his bowl, sniffs and walks away!! 

Hmmphhhfff ...
I decide to bring him for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnggg walk!
We walked all the way from our home to the nearby dog park, a 1.5miles/2.4km walk!
But he seems so distracted and doesn't wants to play.
He just sat with me and looks listless.

I think he is too tired to walk home so we just find a comfortable spot and waited for Daddeee to come fetch us. Hopefully he is hungry too ...
We went and bought TOto some 'Fresh' food to increase his apetite.
Initially he ate a little, and walked away.
But he ate the food bit by bit throughout the night till the bowl is almost empty. I think he is still scared of the vomitting incident, he try to regulate his own food intake and take them slowly ...

The heavy stone in my heart is finally lifted ...

He is finally eating and drinking!!!
Hopefully this episode is behind us.

The ONLY good thing about the whole episode; the VET and the Vet tech has high praise for TOto teeth. They say TOto's teeth is like puppy teeth and for a 2 years old dog this is as good as it can get. At least all our effort is being paid off with all the brushing done at night. 

We hope they are not lying to us.

What we learnt paying the USD200.00 @ Veterinary Emergency?
'Pepcid AC' can help cure stomach indigesting and prevents uncontrollable vomiting.

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Other websites :
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