Thursday, February 23, 2012

the Walk to Canine Common

This is how he says,"mammeee, I don't want to wear a t-shirt!'
And he continue to sit there hiding at the corner, refusing to come out until I tell him,"Ok you don't want to go right? I just bring leashleash and teetee out ok!?" and walked out of the door. 
And then he will finally surrender and walked out.
We can walked about 2.4km/1.5miles to a nearby dog park here, 'Canine Common'.
Most of the way there are paved.
But there are still some ways that are unpaved ...
And most junctions has traffic lights for pedastrian, so TOto you have to 'Sit, Look left and Look right!'.
And usually we will walked past a Petsmart store and he will walk right in without hesitating!
He will walked right in and then out ...
After about 30minutes, we will reach Canine Common.
TOday is about 25C, there are alot of people and dogs out here. But TOto is still very anti-social and defensive, he doesn't want to interact with the other dogs.

TOto was very happy when Daddeee arrived but still kept to himself and always sat and walked behind us. I want to see the confident TOto who always skip and walk INFRONT of us.

Luckily there is a very persistent Cocker Spaniel who felt in love at first sight with TOto and she kept coming back to TOto luring TOto to play and finally TOto relent and started RUNNING and wrestling with her. We finally see TOto running around the park in FULL speed and starts to wrestle again.

It seems like TOto has regain his confident, we are so HAPPY!
The mischievous and confident him is BACK.
But we didn't stay for long, TOto is hungry!
He ate ALOT tonight

Hopefully I can walked him here soon again, but seems like COLD FRONT is coming in tomorrow.


  1. I miss walking my dogs. But sadly, Sg doesn't hv nice and big dog parks unlike here. Enjoy!

    1. I hate walking him especially when the weather is BAD or when the SUN is hot! But no choice, last time without him I stayed in and go back SG SNOW WHITE. Now hv to walked him the feet getting very tan hahaha!

      But the experience of getting a dog here confirm is so much fun than in SG. You can get one here!!

  2. Glad to hear toto is doing better

    1. Hi, yah it is such a relieve!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Oh god it's cold over here where me and Kip live too. Today it was so cold in the morning Kip was shivering so I brought him in and soon as he finished his business. It snow/rained really hard for all of 10minutes and then changed to little splatters of rain this afternoon. Cold and strange weather these days:(

    1. This is one of the best winter I have in Texas so far. No snow yet, cross finger ~ But I love watching TOto play in the snow!!