Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new dogpark discovered "Paw Sand"!

This few days is COLD, brrrrrr like 1-7°C
And today is the warmest at 7°C, so after lunch and a movie at home; we brought TOto out to the dogpark.  
Mostly 1-3°C
This new dogpark that we accidentally wandered into is near to "Canine Commons" but it is so much cleaner here. SADLY there isn't any dogs here because this area is more isolated. 

We had the dogpark ALL to ourselves!
There isn't anything much we can do except PLAY FETCH!

But TOto isn't very happy with just human interaction, so we brought him to Canine Commons where there are more dogs to play with. We love it here at Paw Sands but then there isn't enough pawbuddies for TOto to play with, too bad ~


  1. It's always a little sad when nobody else is at the park:( not as fun!

    Hmm I wonder if there wern't that many dogs and owners because it was cold, or if it's because it isn't as well known to people in the area?

  2. @Little Kim
    Oh this is a lesser known dog park in the area, but a few minutes drive away there is another more popular dog park but then it is very dirty there hahaha.