Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The walk around our neighbourhood

The weather is very good today!
A windy 25 degrees Celsius = 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

TOto always loves to go about this tree, and he always try to 'mark' on the tall branches.

Loves how his carrot tail standing up tall!

Our daily walks ...


  1. Walking around in the estate where there are no roads and cars, do you off lease Toto? Will he jump into the creek or dig into a rabbit hole?

    Luckily Jayber does not like water, but he will mark every trees he sees! *tsk* *tsk* *tsk*

    It is a nice estate, and it is still cold in US why have the grass and bushes turned brown? For a while I thought you are in Australia! Haa..haa..

    1. Texas weather is very HOT and DRY, so most season the grass is brown/yellow. Plus this year drought so got water restriction which makes things worst.

      I wish to unleash toto leh, but then he ran off with a rabbit a few times in the previous community. My heart almost drop out because he ran across the road with the rabbit. And a few time he ran till out of our sight, he will always come back but ... So now we seldom to that because we never know when a rabbit will come out. I got no confidence in him, my husband usually unleashed him. The community here worst, got straying CATS!! *faint* So how to unleash him, hahaha ~