Thursday, February 16, 2012

TOto, do you understand?

I think dogs really understand our conversation more than we think they do. We have this habit of 'informing' TOto the night before, that the next day he will be going 'Daycamp'; because we want him to sleep early. And usually people will brush it off thinking they won't understand! 

But the last few times when we inform him the night before, he actually woke up earlier than usual; even earlier than ME. Usually I wakes up the earliest because I have to prepare lunchbox for Daddeee and TOto will sleep till Daddeee walks out of the room (1hour later)!

And so, we will be sending him in today, he was so excited this morning, he woke up at 6am whining at the door softly (after we move he quit this behavior)! I had to catch him back to bed but he couldn't sleep and sat at the window WAITING! He was as excited like he was a KID, till he has no appetite for breakfast!

There was even a funnier time, when again he woke damn early and refused breakfast! I rush Daddeee to go take his bath, and gave TOto a prep talk! I say to him,"You go think about it, if you don't eat breakfast then NO DAYCAMP! You go think think ..." I continue to wash the dishes, he sat for the longest time right next to the fridge and decide to eat breakfast, hahahaha!

So, do you think they understand you?

Yesterday temperature was the best! 
24C/75F, SPRING weather and I find TOto sleep on his Patio bed!

Alot of kids and adult are out walking their dogs.
Hope Spring comes soon!
But news report another COLD front and RAIN approaching.


  1. It is getting cold :(
    I was hoping spring would come early but it got cold this week. bleh!

    That's pretty cool that Toto was understanding you! The only think that Kip seems to understand is going for a walk:P

    1. Hahaha, you have to start talking to kip MORE and let him make more decision haha~