Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lethargic and tired TOto

Today is the 4th day since he first vomited and the anti-nausea shot definitely work. TOto stop all vomiting after the Emergency walk-in. But TOto is still being choosy and being very careful about what he puts in his mouth. It is as if TOto remembers all the food that made him barf and he is rejecting all of them. He even rejects his favourite minced lamb!! He looks at his bowl, sniffs and walks away!! 

Hmmphhhfff ...
I decide to bring him for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnggg walk!
We walked all the way from our home to the nearby dog park, a 1.5miles/2.4km walk!
But he seems so distracted and doesn't wants to play.
He just sat with me and looks listless.

I think he is too tired to walk home so we just find a comfortable spot and waited for Daddeee to come fetch us. Hopefully he is hungry too ...
We went and bought TOto some 'Fresh' food to increase his apetite.
Initially he ate a little, and walked away.
But he ate the food bit by bit throughout the night till the bowl is almost empty. I think he is still scared of the vomitting incident, he try to regulate his own food intake and take them slowly ...

The heavy stone in my heart is finally lifted ...

He is finally eating and drinking!!!
Hopefully this episode is behind us.

The ONLY good thing about the whole episode; the VET and the Vet tech has high praise for TOto teeth. They say TOto's teeth is like puppy teeth and for a 2 years old dog this is as good as it can get. At least all our effort is being paid off with all the brushing done at night. 

We hope they are not lying to us.

What we learnt paying the USD200.00 @ Veterinary Emergency?
'Pepcid AC' can help cure stomach indigesting and prevents uncontrollable vomiting.

Pepcid AC (Famotidine) -  Now available over-the-counter as 10mg tablets, Pepcid AC is a useful drug for vomiting in the dog.  Designed as an antacid, Pepcid AC decreases the acid secretion in the stomach, thereby alleviating associated discomfort and nausea.  Some Over the counter medicals for Pets via vetz4pet.com

Other websites :
Walkervalleyvet (With dosage recommendation)


  1. I'm curious to know if the Vet at the ER had any restrictions as to what Toto shouldn't eat while he was recovering?

    1. Erm the vet didn't say anything NOT to eat but gave us a list of suggestion. She did recommend a can of Science diet can food but when we take a look at the ingredient list it is choke full of CORN, wheat and lots of rubbish so we decline.

  2. We are so glad to hear Toto is recovering well. He is such a brave little trooper! Could it be some contaminated food he ate at day camp? I can imagine the heart ache you and hub have gone thru the past few days, you guys did extremely well caring for Toto! :)

    1. We will never know the reason ...

      Thanks :)