Monday, October 26, 2015

Its Final, TOtti is CONFIRM

By today our heart is set, he is ours.
We will sign off today for this precious.

And only today we realised why every morning, even though I am bringing him out; he still get very nervous and mark; either where I'm changing or in my bedroom. That's so odd, because there was once I'm already at the door, calling for him; he actually ran into the bedroom and mark. That's so odd. And then the owner explained because every morning that's TOtti delay tactic towards her. So whenever I changed or wants to walk him in the morning; he will thinks that I am going out leaving him alone at home, and he starts to panic. 

Found one of TOto tee, too small for TOto but a tad big for TOtti.

Although TOto don't like the idea of having another brother but he seems to be tolerating TOtti well and is ok with us kissing and giving TOtti attention. But then again, TOtti respect TOto space very well. When TOto snap or growl, TOtti never push his luck and just move away.

Maybe that's why it's working ...
In the evening, we sign and TOtti is finally ours.

Ended the night at another neighbour's place.
He tried to mark, but we watched him like an eagle and managed to correct him. Hopefully he understand that INDOOR = NO MARKING!
TOtti can officially walk unleashed, he is a better unleashed walker as compared to TOto!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

TOtti Home Trial Day 004

Had free tickets to WTA, and hubby is a fan of tennis; so we were glad when Uncle Mer agreed to help out with both ...
I went over to drop off TOtti first, to let him settled in.
When I left, Aunty An was telling me; TOtti actually ignore Waffle and was looking for me at the door. He was pining for me, sniffing me out. I am shocked at his attachment towards me because he hasn't that kind of attachment with his original owner. So I didn't expect of him to grow such attachment to me at such short period. 

Poor Waffle, thinking that TOtti is here to play; but was ignored for sometime.
It took some time for TOtti to calm down and willing to play with Waffle.
They had a ball after that ...
See how happy they are together!

Uncle Mer brought them to have find with Bagel.
And I come back to 2 smelly poochies!
Hahaha ...

Weekend ENDED!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

TOtti Home Trial Day 003

Finally its the weekend, and hubby took over the morning session!!!
After 2 days of waking up at 7am and giving that many walks a day, I am dying soon!
By the time I wake, I see this sweet face, "melt"!
We decide to bring Waffle, and my 2 TOts for a swim!

But the pool is close so we just took our time and walked around the shop and get some essentials for TOtti! And took this opportunity to train him too. 

Unleashed walks and also not to pee indoor and on concrete floor!

Gotten the 2in1 to walk them both together.
Seeing them bump together and not cooperating is so funny!
I told them if you 2 don't cooperate, both don't get to poop, pee and mark!

Brought TOtti out to experience 'la kopi' hahahaha!

By the end of the day, TOtti can walk unleashed and can respond to me calling out to him. When unleashed he will always turn around for me. I never guess he got so attached to me on the 3rd day only. 


Friday, October 23, 2015

TOtti Home Trial Day 002

I'm feed him cook meat with kibbles now and will be slowly converting to raw if possible. 
This is random pork parts and fish.
Now he will gobble up his meal.
I'm giving him simple training with Sit and Down ...
Getting comfortable.
But when he is nervous or insecure, he will try to MARK :(

A westie wefie!

TOto is still snapping a him.
Grrrrrr, but TOtti respected TOto space and will usually gives in to TOto!
And TOtti is already responding to me calling him.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Friends TOtti meet ...

This is TOto girlfriend la, she is kang kang ...

TOtti Home Trial Day 001

TOtti is my first adopted dog, I really has no idea how it will work? With TOto he just bonded with us so naturally. I carried TOto in my arms for the 8hours drive home, and by the time we reached home, he is just my sticky darling. There is no effort needed to bond with TOto, he just responded to us so naturally ...

To make things worst TOtti doesnt respond to his original name as well. 
And it breaks my heart because TOtti doesnt respond like TOto does.
I wonder,"How long will it takes for TOtti to run to me like TOto does ..."
TOtti doesn't respond to human like TOto does.
He's just in his own world ...
I can only hope ...

So there's 2 things to work on, Potty train him outdoor and also hopefully he will respond to us fast ...

I remember the first day I walked them separately so in total 7 walks!
I brought him down almost every 4hours or sooner, so that he understand I want him to pee outdoor. And if not he is crated at home.

His first walk is 7am in the morning!
KILL me, hahaha ...

In the afternoon, Sonia (my neighbour gal) came along and help me. 
So I can walk 2 dogs together!

After every walk I will let him play and relax abit in the room. And I find out that he is calmer with the leash on. Sadly because to prevent TOtti from getting hurt, he is used to being leashed at home. So I have to just put a leash on him to calm him down.

The leash is not tie to anywhere.

Cook for him, and he finally ate in the evening on the 2nd day.

Woke up at 7am and giving them 7-8walks a day, so tired ...
Can't remember how many accidents, but I think 1.
1 because, hubby didn't supervise properly, hmmmphh!
By the end of the day he has gotten more comfortable, and can relax and enjoy my home. 
We have also stopped crating him.

Relax enough to belly up by the end of the day.
Tomorrow 7am AGAIN!