Sunday, October 25, 2015

TOtti Home Trial Day 004

Had free tickets to WTA, and hubby is a fan of tennis; so we were glad when Uncle Mer agreed to help out with both ...
I went over to drop off TOtti first, to let him settled in.
When I left, Aunty An was telling me; TOtti actually ignore Waffle and was looking for me at the door. He was pining for me, sniffing me out. I am shocked at his attachment towards me because he hasn't that kind of attachment with his original owner. So I didn't expect of him to grow such attachment to me at such short period. 

Poor Waffle, thinking that TOtti is here to play; but was ignored for sometime.
It took some time for TOtti to calm down and willing to play with Waffle.
They had a ball after that ...
See how happy they are together!

Uncle Mer brought them to have find with Bagel.
And I come back to 2 smelly poochies!
Hahaha ...

Weekend ENDED!

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