Thursday, October 22, 2015

TOtti Home Trial Day 001

TOtti is my first adopted dog, I really has no idea how it will work? With TOto he just bonded with us so naturally. I carried TOto in my arms for the 8hours drive home, and by the time we reached home, he is just my sticky darling. There is no effort needed to bond with TOto, he just responded to us so naturally ...

To make things worst TOtti doesnt respond to his original name as well. 
And it breaks my heart because TOtti doesnt respond like TOto does.
I wonder,"How long will it takes for TOtti to run to me like TOto does ..."
TOtti doesn't respond to human like TOto does.
He's just in his own world ...
I can only hope ...

So there's 2 things to work on, Potty train him outdoor and also hopefully he will respond to us fast ...

I remember the first day I walked them separately so in total 7 walks!
I brought him down almost every 4hours or sooner, so that he understand I want him to pee outdoor. And if not he is crated at home.

His first walk is 7am in the morning!
KILL me, hahaha ...

In the afternoon, Sonia (my neighbour gal) came along and help me. 
So I can walk 2 dogs together!

After every walk I will let him play and relax abit in the room. And I find out that he is calmer with the leash on. Sadly because to prevent TOtti from getting hurt, he is used to being leashed at home. So I have to just put a leash on him to calm him down.

The leash is not tie to anywhere.

Cook for him, and he finally ate in the evening on the 2nd day.

Woke up at 7am and giving them 7-8walks a day, so tired ...
Can't remember how many accidents, but I think 1.
1 because, hubby didn't supervise properly, hmmmphh!
By the end of the day he has gotten more comfortable, and can relax and enjoy my home. 
We have also stopped crating him.

Relax enough to belly up by the end of the day.
Tomorrow 7am AGAIN!

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