Saturday, July 30, 2011

A day at the LARGE dog area!

Everyday IS over 100+F recently, and there isn't any small dogs in the small dogs area so we brought TOto next door. The large dogs area are about 3x larger than the area TOto goes to! It was huge, and from one end, you cannot see the other end in the picture!
Look at the contrast, hahaha.
How do you think TOto play with them!?
But TOto did try to play with a few of them! It was so funny, he gave up. For one, he cannot run FASTER than them, for 2 he sure lose out playing wrestling and all the large dogs look so intimidating to him; he has to keep jumping up the bench to be on the same 'EYE' Level! Or maybe he is hiding behind Daddeee for cover!! Hahaaha ~

Close up!
So funny ...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Run TOto run ...

We are so lucky to stay in this apartment with a small park area just downstairs for TOto to run about. Everyone around knows TOto and so he gets away with this 'unleashed' running without anyone complaining!

TOto favourite Outdoor 'ball ball'.

TOto is LOVE by eveyone here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TOto is BRAIN-training mammeeeeee ~

Update: Daddeee goes to walk, mammeee lying on the couch. After Daddeee walked out TOto was sitting on the floor next to my couch, turns to look at me. I asked him, "TOto what you want?"

Ok, I sat up and TOto jump up the couch and slept on the couch! His cue," Mammeee, I want to sleep on the couch with you leh!".
TOto is slowly learning how to let us know what he wants from us!

Sitting in the kitchen; means Hungry, water or biscuits!
Especially after he finishes his daily wipes and he is still walking around the kitchen sitting by your side, it means," Mammeee you forget my biscuits."

The simplest act of him, of course is when he bring his favourite toy to you! It means 'PLAY'!

Scratching my feet and then starting to stretch his long body means,"Mammeee SCRATCH!". If you refused to bend down for him, he will continue to scratch your shin till you bend down! *NAUGTHY"

Recently I have been waking very early; like 6am early, and I have been reading my novel on my patio with TOto on my lap. TOto is so used to this 'Bonding' time, if I didn't go out in the morning, he will come scratches me and then walks over to the patio door. And if I didn't follow out with him; he will want come in very soon after he walks out and scratches me again and  then walks over to the Patio door again. His cue for,"Mammeee comes sit with me and enjoys the Patio's view!"

Today during our Patio's time, TOto volunteer to goes back into the living room before me and I want to sit out somemore but he doesn't allow me to because TOto wants to come out of the Patio again right after he just walked in, as I wasn't following in. And shortly he comes out of the Patio, he wants to go into the living room AGAIN. His cue," Mammeee go in with me."!

After we walked right into the living, and I continue to sit on my Sofa; TOto begins to sit right at my feet 'staring at me' with his big round eye. I didn't know what he wanted and it was too early for breakfast! I asked what he wants, and TOto walks right to the front door; sat down, looked at me, turns and looks at the door and continues to look at ME and then turns to look at the door again. His cue,"Mammeee, I want to go down walk before it gets very HOT!"

I think TOto is starting to 'Brain-training' ME!

GOsh he is getting GOOD!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who is that 'Soul' standing outside?!

Can you see the 'ghost' that is outside our patio waiting to come in?!
Hahaha creepy photo!
Hahaha right he is the Soul of our home!
Who else but TOto!
Haha most of the time he will peer in to see whether we 'SEE' that he is outside before he start to scratch/knock the door!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Biscuit is 饼干!

There are alot of words we taught TOto in english like 'Biscuit', or go 'Walk walk'! Recently he seems to be picking up these words in CHINESE too!

When we don't want TOto to understand what we are saying, we usually converse in Mandarin like,"去拿饼干给它吃." (Go, get him a biscuit). Or,"要不要带它去走走?"(Want to bring him out for a walk?).

He seems to be picking up words like 饼干(biscuit), we mentioned it and he walked into his crate and sit down waiting for his treat!!!

And I ask Hubs want to bring him down 走走 (walk walk), TOto look at Hubs and look at me and vice versa back like he usually do when we want bring him out!! TOto always have this habit of looking at us for confirmation!

We have to start picking up Cantonese or Melayu!

Friday, July 22, 2011

3rd day home ...

TOto really really miss me ALOT!
As usual, I waited for TOto downstairs. And again, TOto spotted me on the 3rd level. He wasn't sure it was me, I waved and TOto still double confirm with Daddeee before running ALL the way down straight into my arm! Oh, he is taught not to just RUN down the staircase, he has to 'ask' for permission to go down!

The plan was for Daddeee to go up to the apartment to bring TOto down and TOto detected my scent and he did something weird. TOto went into the bedroom walk-in wardrobe and started sniffing!! This is what he usually does when he try to find us if we play hide-n-seek with him!! So TOto suspect that I might be hiding inside the room!

Anyway TOto is very insecure for the 1st two nights!
I was so tired, I just knocked out the first night and throughout the night Toto was so worried, he keep coming into the bedroom to check on me! He would KISS me until I open my eyes gave him some reaction, set his heart at ease before he would leave the room! Hahaha he wants make sure I still ALIVE? And the first night he would STICK himself to me, to make sure I don't leave!? Hubs says he even refused to go down for his last walk on the first night I am back!

The next morning, TOto woke up with me at 4am and sleep only when I sleep! We can see he is still very insecure about me and even about Hubs! The morning, when Hubs goes off to work; I brought TOto down together. And he refused to let Hubs goes to work, he wants to board the car with him. This is unusual because usually, I would tell him," Daddeee go work, we go walk walk ok?" and he will walk off with me.

And in the evening, when we want to bring him down for his walk. TOto is so worried, I get missing again, he rather wait for me right beside me!! Usually he will wait with Daddeee at the door!

Even after I am back, he is still fighting me with my Pink Blankie!

Today he is more willing to let Daddeee goes work, not as much resistance as yesterday. He is so tired, he slept the afternoon away! I guess he is too tired the last 2 day being a worry wart!
Finally he relaxed abit and get to really REST!

He walked into his crate by himself today.
He was so insecure yesterday, he wasn't willing to be lock!

Sleeping here and there, everywhere.
I guess our life is back to usual!
I shudder to think in October both me and Hubs will be leaving for USA together!
How would TOto react then?

@4.22pm, he is still SLEEPING!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blast from the past II - Playful TOto

I love how he is always so happy so carefree!

TOto always has this habit of throwing his first kibbles around happily and playing with it for a while before he devour the rest of the kibbles. Nowadays he only plays with the 'Homemade Biscuits', I made.

When TOto is so much younger, he doesn't play fetch and when he does he only play fetch with me. Hub is very worried and ask me,"Why TOto doesn't play fetch with me?" Eventually TOto did play with Hub, butwe never know why he don't want to when he is still a puppy!

TOto is about 3months plus, about 1 month we had him in tghis video ...

In a few hours I be taking a flight back to Texas!
Home sweet home Texas, in another 36 hours I be back ...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blast from the past : TOto entertaining himself!

I missed TOto so much the only thing I can do is watched TOto's old video!
Any new thing will keep him entertain for sometime, and TOto has so much energy then ...

Looking at the video makes me want to get ANOTHER westie soooooooooooon. I love how TOto tail will wave left right up down, a dog can NEVER hide their 'feelings'! Hahaha look at their tails and you know they are happy fighting carrots!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I really DO MISS him!

Last year when I left TOto and came back to Singapore it was really not as bad!

This year, I miss miss miss him soooooooooo much!
Miss his kisses, miss his morning whine for scratchie scratchie, miss him scratching me for attention, miss his stretching (when he stretch, it means I scratch!), miss his big big eyes want he want to play boing boing, miss his sleepy head touching my big fat thigh when I surf net in the afternoon, miss looking at him sleep, miss the attention he shower on me, miss his furrrry belly, miss brushing his teeth!

I even miss his whinnnneeeee whines!
This year I really DO MISS him, real bad!

I wonder he feels the same ...
Hubs say he has gain more weight, and looks bigger and sturdier.
Hubs also commented when I am not around, TOto is so much easier to look after! Hahaha, there is no mammeee around to 'protect' him! TOto knows mammeeee gives him ALOT Of slack! With Daddeee it is more military style; one command one action! With mammeee, there is a CHOICE!

My blankie is really going to be SMELLY!
I have already lost one blanket, one pillow to TOto and now he wants to TAKE OVER my NEW pink blankie; so angry! Hmmmmmfffpppphhhh ...

Friday, July 8, 2011

It is just not the same in Singapore ...

People here are is not interested or not as enthusiastic when I talk about TOto. Dog is still dog to them. For me TOto is my world, my baby. I was telling my mom," I should be getting another westie when we want to settle in Singapore for good."

Mom's reaction," Haiyo, so troublesome, 1 is enough. They so naughty and dirty."

But if I were to say I want to have 3 human babies, maybe she would have say why not have 5 human babies!

It is a tad dissapointing, I miss TOto.

I visited Nex today and saw a six month old westie and I missed TOto even more!
It is so sad that he has to live in a 4-wall cage for all his 6months of his life. I don't imagine the staffs would bring him out for walks. It is really so sad, I can see the westie has already lost the 'sparkle' in his eyes. My heart feel so sad, so sad that I wanted to just buy him back and nurse his 'Sparkle' back to life. But I couldn't. I hope some kind soul would get you and give you the loves you so deserve! 

Definitely not the 4 walls! 
I wish I can bring you home, but I couldn't.

Anyway, I spotted a 'Maple' look-a-like poodle, having a haircut!
She has at least 4-5 audiences outside 'watching'!!
At least this picture, brings a smile to my face.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Latest Photo Update from Lewisville Dogpark!

Looks windy to me!
Hubs says TOto turned his ear back and is tuning in and listening to the wind ...
Secret discussion of Gameplan!
Absolutely ADORE this picture with his sharp carrot tail that I 'Handstripped'~
Hopefully I get more photos update!

Will TOto forget me?

Do dogs get angry?
Will TOto think I forsake him?
Will he remember that I left?
Or will they just go on hoping that one day I will just be back?
Or will he just forget me?

Hubs doesn't want the risk of doing a teleconference which will highly agitate TOto and make him run about the house looking for me! And TOto will start to whine to Hubs for answer ...
So I am left with this grainy printscreen from Hubs lousy camera!
TOto's fur looks like it is growing in nicely!
This photos look just like he is looking at me!
I really really miss you ...