Saturday, July 30, 2011

A day at the LARGE dog area!

Everyday IS over 100+F recently, and there isn't any small dogs in the small dogs area so we brought TOto next door. The large dogs area are about 3x larger than the area TOto goes to! It was huge, and from one end, you cannot see the other end in the picture!
Look at the contrast, hahaha.
How do you think TOto play with them!?
But TOto did try to play with a few of them! It was so funny, he gave up. For one, he cannot run FASTER than them, for 2 he sure lose out playing wrestling and all the large dogs look so intimidating to him; he has to keep jumping up the bench to be on the same 'EYE' Level! Or maybe he is hiding behind Daddeee for cover!! Hahaaha ~

Close up!
So funny ...


  1. That is a huge dog area! Panpo would go ballistic at that! TOto always looks so happy :D

  2. Hahaha Panpo not scare of big dogs?? We only go there because that day no dogs in small dog area, even big dog area not much dog. TOto doesn't enjoy as much in big dog area haha cos he always lost in play and run hahaha!

  3. Oh, they love big dogs. They don't really like small dogs. Although now that Panda has his balls he seems to like tiny black dogs >( Panda sticks with the big guys, the bigger they are the better. He used to hang out with this Mastiff and loved sucking up to him hahahaha

    Once at the dog park, Polar kept humping this Groodle (desexed) and got so protective over her. She was bigger than a standard GR! First time I see Polar like that. Luckily she was desexed.

  4. Panda is LORD of the ring la! He trying to control/Alpha over them unknowing the big dogs just see him as a smaller dog and try not to bully him hahahha ...

    Although TOto is neutered, there is some dogs he will hump too. Very selective!!

    Hahaha TOto used to love big dogs, but after some rough play with them he got kinda of hurt a few time so he kinda of know he won't 'win' and cannot really outrun them too! Plus sometime TOto too stubborn and always end up getting hurt. So we try to refrain him going to the big dogs area.