Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Run TOto run ...

We are so lucky to stay in this apartment with a small park area just downstairs for TOto to run about. Everyone around knows TOto and so he gets away with this 'unleashed' running without anyone complaining!

TOto favourite Outdoor 'ball ball'.

TOto is LOVE by eveyone here.


  1. TOto is such a cutie pie! That's good that TOto doesn't have to be leashed... I wish Oz was more pet-friendly like Europe! I think having unleashed dogs require owners to be more responsible. TOto seems so happy running carefree :D

  2. Haha ya he would run for about 20-30minutes then we would leashed him and give him a walk around the neighbourhood and if he has enough he would happily trot home. BUT if he hasn't has enough OR he is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired he would refused to go home and just be naughty downstairs!!!

  3. We're also quite lucky to have a green space in the middle of the estate where we live. Recently, we've been letting Maple run off-leash in this green area as a reward after our routine walk around the estate. Fortunately, we haven't received any complaints (yet)! But with TOto, I can see why everybody would love him :)

  4. Maple so cute, she will be LOVE too!! Haha i guess most people would want to give Maple a BIG HUG!! But Poodle is so fast, it is so hard to get them!!