Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who is that 'Soul' standing outside?!

Can you see the 'ghost' that is outside our patio waiting to come in?!
Hahaha creepy photo!
Hahaha right he is the Soul of our home!
Who else but TOto!
Haha most of the time he will peer in to see whether we 'SEE' that he is outside before he start to scratch/knock the door!


  1. Reminds me of that video! The one where the kid is crying and screaming on the floor. When the cameraperson goes away the kid gets up and when he sees the cameraperson he lies on the floor n starts crying again lol. Very scheming!!! LOL. Smart also la, if there is no one seeing you whining, you whine also no use :P Have you thought of getting a doggy door for TOto? So you don't have to be awakened at 6am.

  2. Haha i was think of that ghost boy in 3man and a baby movie!!

    Ours is a rented apartment, I didn't actualy see anyone door having the doggy dog so I guess it is not allowed. Plus, TOto is a illegal immigrant in our community, he is not reported. If I didn't rem wrongly, I think we have to pay a 300USD deposit for him.

  3. Ours is rented too, but we have a sliding door. The dogs do their business on the balcony (and love to stare at the lake/people walking below) so I have been looking for a doggy door that isn't permanent. There are a few, but they are so pricey! Today I chanced upon one that's $115 so that isn't too bad. Will check it out soon.

    I didn't have to pay a deposit for Panpo, but I have a feeling there is not much left of our bond...

  4. @Yve - On top of the USD300 deposit, and another USD300 for a dog leh. We actually report him la, but the staff that day is lazy and tell us no hurry to come back again, and we never get back hahaha. Maybe alot of pple 'REGRET' getting a puppy and return or what, then alot of paperwork for the apartment staffs to refund the $$$?

    I didn't know that there is doggy dog that isn't permanent!? DOesn't it need to cut off a hole on the door to installed? Haha i wait to see ur doggy door keke~

  5. My rent deposit (or bond as we say here) is AUD2000, and with the amount of damage done (2 stains on carpet - due to me spilling food and using 'home remedies to clean', one stain due to red dye from rug and door chewed by Polar, dents on walls due to pictures falling) I don't think we will be getting much back lol.

    Hmm because ours is a sliding door, so the method is just to place a piece of plastic/wood and then close the sliding door, and then cut a hole in the plastic for the doggy door. Usually ppl cut in the screen door but we can't, so have to buy that plastic! Not sure how it will work for normal swing doors.

    but hor, been thinking about your idea to take them down twice a day so they can do their business downstairs. They seem to prefer that (now they already hold their pee/poo to do it downstairs) and hate the artificial grass and I would like a clean/non-smelly balcony so we can lounge there too =_= Sigh now I'm wondering if I should get the doggy door or not! Usually I walk Panda in the morning (if I don't have class) and B walks Polar while I walk Mikan at night.