Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blast from the past II - Playful TOto

I love how he is always so happy so carefree!

TOto always has this habit of throwing his first kibbles around happily and playing with it for a while before he devour the rest of the kibbles. Nowadays he only plays with the 'Homemade Biscuits', I made.

When TOto is so much younger, he doesn't play fetch and when he does he only play fetch with me. Hub is very worried and ask me,"Why TOto doesn't play fetch with me?" Eventually TOto did play with Hub, butwe never know why he don't want to when he is still a puppy!

TOto is about 3months plus, about 1 month we had him in tghis video ...

In a few hours I be taking a flight back to Texas!
Home sweet home Texas, in another 36 hours I be back ...


  1. Hope you have a safe trip! Can't wait for more TOto updates :))

  2. Also, I want to ask a question. How on earth do you play fetch with TOto? I cannot for the life of me play fetch with Panpo. With Hachi, easy. He is a natural. With Panda, he stands there, looks at me throw the ball, wags his tail. With Polar, he runs after the ball, mouths at it, then leaves it there. Treats or another similar ball for trade up don't work. So frustrating!

  3. Panda is SO CAT like garfield! Hahaha so bochup like the 老大!

    I cannot rem I 'Train' TOto, he plays fetch with me naturally. Husband got so jealous hahaha because same as Polar with u, after hubs throw a ball he just stop there and chew the ball instead. And there was once when he starts to play fetch with Hubs, hubs accidentally hit TOto with the ball, and then TOto stop playing fetch with Hubs for sometime too.

    With me it was natural too. But we read that Westie is not a 'fetch' dog. Haha hubs got so worried, he says where got dog don't play fetch hahaha so funny!

  4. Westie is not a retriever, I suppose. I tried with Polar n Panda this morning and I think they know how to fetch already :D Panda is a bit elitist la. Too near he lazy to get it lol.

    I asked a lot of experienced dog ppl on a forum on how to teach fetch and all of them said it depends on the dog, if they know, they know. They need to have the instinct. =(

    So good! I also want a dog with sufficient prey drive. I shall refrain from saying strong prey drive because Hachi is precisely that and he is a big headache haa.

  5. Prey drive NO GOOD lo! TOto keeps running away with the rabbits so dangerous. Even on leash, he has broken the lock once and ran out of the apartment, I so scared lo. I know he will come back but scared he jump into the drain or knocked down by car very dangerous!!!

  6. Well, prey drives can be controlled, so they can be well-behaved and still have prey drive. Dogs without prey drive are well-behaved. & still without prey drive.

    Wait, TOto has broken the lock on your gate and ran out of the apt?? How did that happen?

  7. Haha jetlagg talk rubbish! what break locks!! Hahaha, I mean to say. There is one time, he saw a rabbit and pull so hard, the leash break lose from his collar hook. I was meaning to say the hook and he ran out of our community gate. I so scared he chased the rabbits into the streets and I didn't bring my home key so I cannot chase him out also. Got to lan lan wait at behind the gate area. If he never come back, i think my hubs will KILL me!

  8. Not home key haha the community gate sensor thingy. *faint* brain still laggin in Singapore ~

  9. Wow! He is so strong huh! I'd be investing in stronger leads :P Yeah so scary!!! Looks like rabbits are his weakness. Feed him some and see :P I have the same issue but with other dogs. I don't know why all of a sudden Panda gets really excited when he sees other dogs. Maybe it's the hormones but I'll have to work more on focussing!

    Ahh yes the elec key fob. I hate those things. B has to tap it in to enter the complex so he can't hang it with his car key. So annoying!

  10. I guess it is the sudden movement. There is once he ran so suddenly and we drop the whole leash, and so he drag the leash around the bush and get tied around the bush. We were so scared he pulled so hard he might cut himself. The rabbits must think TOto is the dumbest dog around hahaha! We had a hard time getting him out that time! *faint* This is the downside of so called "PREY" drives hahaha. NO!