Friday, July 8, 2011

It is just not the same in Singapore ...

People here are is not interested or not as enthusiastic when I talk about TOto. Dog is still dog to them. For me TOto is my world, my baby. I was telling my mom," I should be getting another westie when we want to settle in Singapore for good."

Mom's reaction," Haiyo, so troublesome, 1 is enough. They so naughty and dirty."

But if I were to say I want to have 3 human babies, maybe she would have say why not have 5 human babies!

It is a tad dissapointing, I miss TOto.

I visited Nex today and saw a six month old westie and I missed TOto even more!
It is so sad that he has to live in a 4-wall cage for all his 6months of his life. I don't imagine the staffs would bring him out for walks. It is really so sad, I can see the westie has already lost the 'sparkle' in his eyes. My heart feel so sad, so sad that I wanted to just buy him back and nurse his 'Sparkle' back to life. But I couldn't. I hope some kind soul would get you and give you the loves you so deserve! 

Definitely not the 4 walls! 
I wish I can bring you home, but I couldn't.

Anyway, I spotted a 'Maple' look-a-like poodle, having a haircut!
She has at least 4-5 audiences outside 'watching'!!
At least this picture, brings a smile to my face.


  1. ooh pet safari! the westie looks quite ugly leh tbh. doesn't even look like westie :/ westies in sg are like 2.5k!! can't afford lol. so lucrative i should get a breeding pair here and ship them to singapore!

  2. Haha the westie looks like a mix to me! Plus westie shldn't hv stained eye. and at 6mths the ear shld hv stand. Looks like a white snauzher haha! 2.5k? I saw one they quote me 3.5k!!

  3. 3.5!!! Wahhh seriously I'm getting a breeding pair lol! I remember I wanted to get a Westie from the now-defunct Holland V branch back when I was still in JC, and I think they quoted me 1.5k. But others told me Pasir Ris that side selling 2.5k. This is first time I'm hearing 3.5 O_o

    Some westies do have tear stains lah, dunno why also. Polar doesn't though, unlike Panda. 6 months they are still teething so the ear may still flop. Same applies for yorkies, malinois, german shepherds etc. Some might even have to tape it - and they are all pure breed.

    No matter pure or mix, seriously still the ugliest westie I've seen in my life, pictures or irl. Sorry man.

  4. Maybe we are just lucky with TOto then, he is in good westie condition haha.

  5. Oh my gosh! A Maple look-a-like. They're everywhere (LOL)... Thanks for thinking of us while you were snapping this picture at NEX. The poor Westie pup does look awfully sad being confined in his pet shop crate. I, too, hope he finds a loving home very very soon.

  6. @Maple's momsie
    I LOVE LOVE mini brown poodle but I doubt Hubs would let me get one girly dog hahaha! Maybe when I settle back in SG permanently, I be fighting my rights for my littlebrownpoodle!

  7. Hello! I wandered over from Happy Bark Days when I clicked on toto's cute pic. Just wanted to say Hi, and let you know that I enjoyed reading your site! I haven't yet found the entry about why you're in Singapore, but will look some more!