Friday, July 15, 2011

Blast from the past : TOto entertaining himself!

I missed TOto so much the only thing I can do is watched TOto's old video!
Any new thing will keep him entertain for sometime, and TOto has so much energy then ...

Looking at the video makes me want to get ANOTHER westie soooooooooooon. I love how TOto tail will wave left right up down, a dog can NEVER hide their 'feelings'! Hahaha look at their tails and you know they are happy fighting carrots!


  1. Too cute! That puppy is definitely the TOto I've come to know over time through your blog. TOto sure was full of energy back then, but I can also see that he had a happy-go-lucky personality that has stayed with him even until now. The head out one end of the stool and butt out the other is so funny! How old was TOto when the video was taken?

  2. @Maple's momsie
    He is about 4mths +-
    At the LOVE HATE stage, haha still at the potty training stage!! One moment, heart melt, one moment heart boil! But I sure missed all the 'Good' puppy moments!