Saturday, July 23, 2011

Biscuit is 饼干!

There are alot of words we taught TOto in english like 'Biscuit', or go 'Walk walk'! Recently he seems to be picking up these words in CHINESE too!

When we don't want TOto to understand what we are saying, we usually converse in Mandarin like,"去拿饼干给它吃." (Go, get him a biscuit). Or,"要不要带它去走走?"(Want to bring him out for a walk?).

He seems to be picking up words like 饼干(biscuit), we mentioned it and he walked into his crate and sit down waiting for his treat!!!

And I ask Hubs want to bring him down 走走 (walk walk), TOto look at Hubs and look at me and vice versa back like he usually do when we want bring him out!! TOto always have this habit of looking at us for confirmation!

We have to start picking up Cantonese or Melayu!


  1. Hahaha!! I can so relate to that. TOto is such a smart boy! Hopefully Panpo don't catch onto that. They go crazy when they know they are going for walks pffft.

    Strange la, why you use that 'ta' in mandarin when you use he in english?

  2. Hahaha don't know leh!
    Feel that 'It' feels more like an animal than '它'. Maybe 它, is same sound as the other Human 他, so doesn't makes a huge diff.