Monday, May 24, 2010

Sleeping Buddy, Dolphin ...

Using it as an Bolster so cute right ...
Sometimes it is used as a neck support ...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daddy GO WORK!

OMG, Toto knows that YQ is going to work and he didn't RUN UP to YQ or linger around the door today!

He is indeed a BIG boy already!!

Useful tips that we learn

One of the useful tip that I learn ....
When u tell your dog NOT to chew at your things, make sure you exchange for something that HE CAN chew.

When he stop chewing at your command, PRAISE him!

We use this tip and it work very well. Now Toto knows what is HIS and what is NOT his. So it doesn't matter where we keep our slipper or where I place my GUCCI bag. It is not his, he won't tamper with it. But be careful, once he start to chew on a particular things, and NOT STOP in time. It is hard to break that habit.

And NOW he knows where to look for his toy. And he has a mind of his own, sometimes, he wants a particular toy. He will wait till we find it and pass it to him. If not ALL of us have to start finding his MONKEY!

And as for now we trust him to roam around freely in the morning when we still want ONE or 2 hr sleep! But dog being dog, they still cannot be trusted 100%, hahaha. You never know when they BITE you back in your butt!

Friday, May 21, 2010

We escape, and He did a GOOD JOB!

We escaped to Target again.
And this time round, I convinced hubby to let LOOSE Toto in the house without crating or enclosing him in the Pen! When we left, I vaguely can hear Toto howling. Don't know whether it is him, but we left for about 3hours.

During the 3 hours, we are so nervous! We didn't know how he would perform without being crated. We didn't know whether we can trust him enough to Pee and Poop at the right place. We didn't know whether he will start to BITE or start to eat carpet! It was a TORTUROUS 3 hours! We would have gone longer but I remind YQ that we have to KEEP our promise with Toto, and when we tell him 10PM, we have to be back!! Hahahaha ...

But all these worries are unnecessary!
He did well, even went to PEE at the right place ...
No biting, no jumping up the sofa ...
We even forgotten to switch on the light for him, BAD BAD parents, hahaha!

... Proud ...

Maybe he is a BIG BOY now ...

*scratch*x2, CLEAN my POOP!

This morning after YQ left for work, so just me and Toto.
He is minding his own business and me mine ...

Then he start coming to me under the table and started scratching at me.
Initially I push him away, tell him to play on his own. ME TIRED!!
But he persisted, so I carry him on me and petted him.
But he resisted and jump off ...

So I walk with him to see what HE WANT!!
Arrrghhhh ...

And guess what, HE HAS POOP at the correct area without prompting!!
And he wants me to Praise him and CLEAN it up for him ..

After cleaning it up, he went back to do his usual after YQ left ...


Hahahaha, ANGRY .. Need to be so clean or not hahahaha ...
Or he just want to be PRAISE for the good job done!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Pass 'The Test'!

YQ wanted to crate him, but I got no heart to do it.
We left him in the Pen, and we came home to a escaped westie, as usual ...

But he PEE in his Nugi before he escape which was in the PEN. And we suspect that he HAS no way to go back in the PEN thus he went to the 'USUAL' potty area to Poop. Luckily that area is matted ...

But we are still proud of him because he didn't disturb all our other stuffs, other then HIS TOY crate! Hahahaha, we guess after he escaped out of the PEN, he didn't have any toy to play with, that is why he pull on the Toy crate to get toys to pass his time!

We checked; he didn't jump on the sofa, didn't STEAL our biscuit which is on the coffee table, didn't bite on any of our furniture or wirings!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, he didn't pee or Poop on the carpet!!

HOW not to love him!?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Final Puppy Vaccine!

Yeah Toto is 9lbs @ 15weeks and finished his LAST Puppy Vaccines plus Rabies!
He can now go to Dog Park and RUN WILD ...
And Of course as usual, he is a good puppy who take his Vaccines well, No snapping or snarling.
He is a champ at the clinic!
He is a BIG BOY now, and finally THE Tag that give him ACCESS to lots of Dog Places!
After his vaccines, he is UNUSUALLY hungry today and ATE alot.
PLUS, ALOT of Pee pee accidents as well, same as the last vacinations. We think he might be feeling uncomfortable due to the vaccination, thus the misses, so we give him 'Free' Pass for the day!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Indoor Unleashed Dog Park and Village @ Allen

Posting pictures on blogger is cumbersome, so I open a Facebook account for TOto, and if I have TONS of photographs for him, I upload it there!
For now click  here for more pictures.

We brought him to UNLEASHED dog parks and Village @ Allen.
I love the indoor park but it is a good 40minutes drive there, BUMMMER! But there is a cafe and Free Wifi for us while he has his run! I love this idea, but Toto has yet to have his Rabies Shot, so we cannot let him RUN LOOSE yet, but he has his 'SOCIALISATION' Fun while there.
He also experience his FIRST Concert in a park AND he really Enjoy it!
He was scared of the loud noise at first but after consoling him for a while, he got used to it and was enjoying the breeze, the sounds and the rowdiness and fell asleep on our lap ...

For more photographs, go to Toto Facebook Account.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad eating habit and running unleashed the 1st time!

Hmmmm no video this week!
WHY? Because we try mixing his Normal kibbles he used to it with some samples we got and HE GOT hook with one of the other brand (N*Tu*re V*ri*ty). And taking a closer look and SMELL, we discover one crutial element, SALT! He is HOOK on it and he even SELECT out the NV kibbles leaving his usual SOLID GOLD aside.

He refused training, and refused to eat!

DIE ...

We thought, we have to recondition him back to Solid Gold. We have to be HARSH, so we are back to PURELY Solid Gold! And if he doesn't eat we just keep his bowl! Initially he is rather STUBBORN and ate less than 1CUP per day! He usually can finish up to 1.5half ...

So on Sunday, we brought him to FULLY EXCERCISE himself to make sure he run so much, HE HAVE TO EAT ...

We let him run free without leash for the VERY FIRST time, and he performed well. He didn't venture far, and was near us. And he ran towards us when called to.

This is the first time I have had dog that will walk side by side WITH ME and not run away~ And if we walked in different direction, he will not let one of us far away from his sight!! I am so proud of him ...

HE RAN for a FULL 2HOURS ...

After that he is FAMISHED, he ate whatever he can!
Hahahaha, so he is BACK ON SOLID GOLD! And he suddenly dislike his food in Stainless steel bowl, we wonder why! So he is eating in his plastic foldable bowl ...

ODD dog we have here ...

Finally, playing with Kong

He finally play with the Kong, when YQ has stuff in delicious biscuits and treats. But still he do not have any patience with it. And if he try for a while and couldn't get it, he will give up!! So unlike reviews given online when their dogs or puppies can play for HOURS with the KONG! 5minute ONLY, and if he couldn't get it, THAT IS IT!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pictures update ...

We are handstripping him DAILY or as much as I can!
That why he has such a ROUGH cut hahaha ...
But we prefer him to have a 'wild' westie cut, than a NEATLY trim cut westie ...
We read online a handstrip westie has lesser skin problem and with the handstripping and he indeed SMELL better and his fur are whiter as well!! But I have yet to attack his FACE and Paw ...

Hahaha if not for the handstrip, his FUR is already very FLUFFY and he looks FAT!!
And with the handstripped, he is losing his puppy look :(
After a tiring session of stripping all around, he is tired and cannot move.
With all his toy around him ...
He do not need ORTHEPEDIC bed, all he need is our slipper and he can SLEEP there all day!
I did not place him there to take photographs, he will be there when YQ go to work!~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Toto @ Play...

I find it so funny when he get so excited over a kibble, ice or a piece of frozen carrot and I wonder what is in a dog's world! They are so easily satisfied ...

Sometimes I lost myself looking at him play by himself and it will often bring a smile to my face ...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just a lil update!

We are very relax with his Potty issue now.
But still he needs REMINDER to go pee pee, but at least he don't leak around anymore.
YIPEE ~~ Now the problems is sometimes he think that as long as he has TWO paws on the Nugi Pad and he is ALRIGHT... Hahaha, when that happen, we don't know should we scold him OR NOT! *Headache* ...

We are trying to leave him alone at home more and so we are getting another Nugi Pad for him to use in another area. IF he ESCAPE from his pen, hopefully we place another Nugi in the kitchen, and he knows he have to walk over to NUGI to POTTY when we are not around.
The next thing we are trying to do is to make him like his crate, so far he doesn't and he don't walk into the crate to sleep  by himself. He loves to sleep ON YQ's slipper, so we tried to place our slippers right out of his crate, hahaha. Nope, didn't succeed! He will entertain and sleep a while inside because we ask him to! And after awhile he will just walk out ...
I prefer that he sleep in crate during the day because only when he is inside the crate, he sleeps better and longer without distraction. C'mon Toto, loves the crate. I promise I won't lock it while you are sleeping if you walk in by yourself!

Bought some discounted Tees and a cape for him! When he ROLL on the grass, I won't be that PISSED! Hahaha stupid dog, keep rolling himself on the grass! Dogs tee are so ex, I have to DIG around clearance bins for more Tees for Toto now! But I got all these for USD13+ in Petsmart, yeah!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Training progress @ 13 weeks!

Toto is having his DIVA day! He seems tired, moody and disinterested  and VERY DISTRACTED! So there is alot more I want to show but cannot. He doesn't want to do much. Nevermind, will show it all next week! But this week, he supposedly learn the hand sign of Sit and Down, YQ is very proud of it, hahaha ...

Revision with this week new stunt; Beg and Bow ...
We will be getting the 101 Dog tricks more soon!
We are OUT OF IDEA what to teach him, hahaha!
Most of the tricks are search from ONLINE, so hopefully with a new book, he has more to show ...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sat outing ...

Today, again a lady commented that 'He is a advertisement dog.'
Hahahaha, I wish!
We knew that we will be going out tonight so we make sure he slept early the night before and woke up early for his training and feeding and force him to sleep after his feed to bring him out, so that he can enjoy his day better! So he is bright and cheery today!
Off to a Local Farmer's Market, White Rock Local Market, PET FRIENDLY! ...
And gotten him some local freshly baked biscuit, he loves it!
Off to our 2nd Destination ...
He fell asleep in the moving car again, AS USUAL!
Haiyo, where got dog sleep LIKE THAT!!
SO UGLY, Where is your manners??
Off to Downtown Mckinney, Pet Friendly area as well with lots of Outdoor Restaurant! But the SUN is shining too brightly FOR Me to stay outdoor for too long! I HATE the SUN!

Toto's reaction," Arrrcggggkkkk don't KISS me! I am not your PRINCE! "
Toto :" Bark bark ..., GO AWAY froggie !!"
Me : " Toto, be nice ..."
Toto ... FAKE SMILE!
Toto prefer DOG to FROG!
Toto gets LOTS, REALLY LOTS of compliment from man, woman, girls, boys and babies, from 2yrs old to 80yrs old!! Even people whom had westies before would comment that we had a really PRETTY westie! 

Anyone OUT there want to give Toto a advertisement deal!?????

@13 Weeks ...

His schedule is getting easier for us.
He now can hold his pee and poop better and is pooping at very regular interval; once in the morning, before dinner and once before he sleep at about 9pm!

He can sort of Pee on command, he is unusually distracted when he needs to pee so when we see that and ask him to go peepee, usually he will do so. There are times when he go himself, but sometimes when he start sniffing about at other area, we'll get paranoid and quickly ask him go peepee on his Nugi pad, hahaha! AND sometime, when we command him to pee, he will pee abit just to make us happy!!

And sometimes, he is SO CLEVER, when he get scolding for peeing at the wrong place, he will POOP at the right place to UNDO the first scolding!!! We are really OUT-WITTED by him!

But we realise as long as the weather is good, he will be VERY relax and happy the whole day; if the weather get too warm, he gets very grouchy and get easily irritated!! Even pee and pooped EVERYWHERE, doesn't even care when he get scolding, hmmmmffffppphh!

SO WEATHER plays a important factor on his potty training, and even his 'TRAINING'. When the weather is cold and cooling, he trains better and is more willing to do his trick well!

This pile of 'GOLD' here is momentous for us, because we are trying to shift his Nugi out of his comfort zone to test whether he will use it outside, and he did it ON HIS OWN, without us nudging him!!
I only play tug and war with him if he uses Moo moo ~
He always like to 'emo' in the Patio, but I LOVE it because that will be his OWN PRIVATE TIME!!
And I will have time to update my blog, hahaha!!!
What is really ON HIS MIND?
Is he happy living with us!?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Toto love pretty woman!!

Lunch at a sandwich cafe with Toto and something in the restaurant behind us is HOLDING his attention ...
GUESS what!?
Yeah, SEXY waitress, hahaha ~
Like daddy , like doggy!
How can I trust the 2 of them to go OUT together!!
Hmmmphhh, he is HELPING his daddy to FISH woman from SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Training progress @ 12 weeks!

We are getting lazy and training him less and less, but partly also because we want him to have time to eat alone. We realised that he don't have that habit and when he eat alone he usually is very distracted. So now we trained him less and let him learn to eat alone in peace. Seriously, he preferred us training him!

And like a small kid, if he is not often praised, he will get bored. Or if he took too long to get the trick right, he get angry and walk away! So the KEY, is lots and lots of praise! If he cannot get a particular trick right, change to a simple trick and gives lots of praises and do the new trick again! They need lots of praises, loves and petpet to have confidence!

More to come next week ...
P/S: We know his 'action' are not as sharp, please note we did not recieved any proper training before, and this is the first time we try our hand on training a dog! And we are already very happy with what he can do as a 12 week old puppy ...