Sunday, May 16, 2010

Indoor Unleashed Dog Park and Village @ Allen

Posting pictures on blogger is cumbersome, so I open a Facebook account for TOto, and if I have TONS of photographs for him, I upload it there!
For now click  here for more pictures.

We brought him to UNLEASHED dog parks and Village @ Allen.
I love the indoor park but it is a good 40minutes drive there, BUMMMER! But there is a cafe and Free Wifi for us while he has his run! I love this idea, but Toto has yet to have his Rabies Shot, so we cannot let him RUN LOOSE yet, but he has his 'SOCIALISATION' Fun while there.
He also experience his FIRST Concert in a park AND he really Enjoy it!
He was scared of the loud noise at first but after consoling him for a while, he got used to it and was enjoying the breeze, the sounds and the rowdiness and fell asleep on our lap ...

For more photographs, go to Toto Facebook Account.

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