Sunday, May 23, 2010

Useful tips that we learn

One of the useful tip that I learn ....
When u tell your dog NOT to chew at your things, make sure you exchange for something that HE CAN chew.

When he stop chewing at your command, PRAISE him!

We use this tip and it work very well. Now Toto knows what is HIS and what is NOT his. So it doesn't matter where we keep our slipper or where I place my GUCCI bag. It is not his, he won't tamper with it. But be careful, once he start to chew on a particular things, and NOT STOP in time. It is hard to break that habit.

And NOW he knows where to look for his toy. And he has a mind of his own, sometimes, he wants a particular toy. He will wait till we find it and pass it to him. If not ALL of us have to start finding his MONKEY!

And as for now we trust him to roam around freely in the morning when we still want ONE or 2 hr sleep! But dog being dog, they still cannot be trusted 100%, hahaha. You never know when they BITE you back in your butt!

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