Friday, May 21, 2010

*scratch*x2, CLEAN my POOP!

This morning after YQ left for work, so just me and Toto.
He is minding his own business and me mine ...

Then he start coming to me under the table and started scratching at me.
Initially I push him away, tell him to play on his own. ME TIRED!!
But he persisted, so I carry him on me and petted him.
But he resisted and jump off ...

So I walk with him to see what HE WANT!!
Arrrghhhh ...

And guess what, HE HAS POOP at the correct area without prompting!!
And he wants me to Praise him and CLEAN it up for him ..

After cleaning it up, he went back to do his usual after YQ left ...


Hahahaha, ANGRY .. Need to be so clean or not hahahaha ...
Or he just want to be PRAISE for the good job done!

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