Friday, April 30, 2010

Bow Wow Bash @ Allen in the Village!

An event in Allen for DOGS!
Bow Wow Bash @ Allen in the Village!
There was ALOT of people and dogs already there when we reached!
Strangers will always stop to chat for Toto!
Lots of chances for Toto to socialise around ...
He is getting HUGE, I won't be able to carry him around soon!
The HUGE dogs here are Super Duper friendly and well behave!
He exhausted himself at home, and when we reach the event he was VERY tired ...
And keep requesting us to hold him!
The first time I see Toto retreating for a Puppy! Usually he will jump on big dogs, but for this cute and friendly puppy, TOTO actually retreated sit down and let him bully!
So cute right, but in actual fact. Toto is still younger than him, but TOTO alway think he is a HUGE dog and only PLAY with BIG HUMONGOUS dogs!
The most popular stall of the day, Caricature for K9!

Just outside a Pet friendly Cafe, Coffee N Cream.

The day ends with a cup of Cookie Cream Java Blend!

A day with YQ, Toto and a cup of coffee ...


First time without having YQ around.
ZERO accident DAY~

ONE FULL day with me and he performed well, and slept most of the days away!
But VERY STICKY, once if he open his eyes he have to know u are SOMEWHERE near him, IF NOT he will wake up to whine, and you have to spend sometime to 哄 him back to sleep!

He schedule is more or less understooded.

In the middle of the night, he will wake up at least once or twice; Pee and Poo.

Then at the break of the morning SUN like 7am, he will wake already, and sometimes he allow to nua another one hour and he start to protest. By then die die got to wake up to feed him.

Feed/Train him - 20 minute
Play - 10-20minute
Pee - wait another 10minute

So he usually wake up for one hour plus after he SHIT, he will go back to sleep.
We realised that sometime he is so tired and if he don't go back to sleep, it means he has poo inside him and he is waiting for it to get out!

So for every ONE hour he wake, he goes back to sleep for 2 or 3 hours and wake up again to play!!

And if he suddenly get distracted in play or in my arms, it means he want to Pee or Poo.
And if he suddenly run to the kitchen, it means he want to drink water.
If he is sleepy and just don't want to go to crate it means he is WARM and either fan him or find a airy place and he will lap on me.

Play play play and more PLAY!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2nd Vet Appointment

He went for his 2nd appointment and he is a warrior, he didn't even wringed or struggle when injected with his vaccines and bordatella intra-nasal didn't bother him too .; which surprised the Vet. I guess usually dogs will start to want to bite or start snarling. But Toto just look at the Vet and has not much reaction, hahaha so funny!
The Vet ask whether has he started biting out shoes, and we are proud to say that he doesn't bite anything that belong to us except the LEG of one of our 'Portable chair'. (That is cheap, I don't care.) He DO bite but he bite his own stuffs like his PEN and his Crate and his own toy. Other then that, he has yet to attack our stuffs yet! Cross finger, hopefully he never do that!!!

This week :
Look (Look into our eye)
Wait (with kibbles on his feet)
Die (freeze on his side)

Hubby trying to teach him :
Yawn and Bow, an action that Toto always do when he wake up!

He seems to have some minor reaction to his Vaccination, he has vomitted 3x since after his Vaccination, but he has been eating, sleeping and playing normal. Twice, he vomitted in the night, and we will continue to monitor him ...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Photoshoot after his bath!

He was VERY tird that is why we got alot of good shot because he is NOT moving and we can adjust his pose hahaha ~
Hubby like this MOST!
With his favourite, GECKO again!
He is getting Bigger everyday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Toto running in the Park!

Railroad Park
1301 S. Railroad Street
Lewisville, TX 75057
A very happy dog today!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Training progress @ 11 weeks!

This week we actually manage to improve his 'STAND' and he has also backup his leg to give a proper stand. Hopefully we can improve that til his TAIL will stand up straight to give a COMPEITITION Terrier Stand! And Hubby has manage to train the 'Waiting' period longer. Toto has to 'WAIT'; to come out of his PEN, Crate, FOOD, Go out of the door, Come home and Approaching other dogs!

New tricks this week are :
Shake Hand
Hi 5

More to come next, which he will be 12 WEEKS OLD!

Friday, April 23, 2010

He is 11 weeks Old, and learning QUICK!

This week he was taught

Hi 5, Look, and 'Proper Stand' plus 'Check' where we can turn him to his belly and Pause him!

(Sit, Down, Roll, Stand, Turn, Shake Hand, and Bang)

This week has his GOOD days and BAD days. Some days, he will be the perfect dog and DO ALL the right things and NOT miss a Pee or Pooped but some days he will CORK UP all our effort. And the odd thing is HE DOESN'T like to Pee or Pooped outdoor! We can bring him out on LONG walk but he still come back to Pee and Poop! He has Pooped outdoor before but it seems like he prefer to do it indoor! Weird!!!

We guess it might have something to do with the weather! On Warmer days, he don't seems to be able to sleep for long and he will be quite moody! AND he will be roaming and sniffing around aimlessly! And if he get too much 'SCOLDING' for doing the wrong thing, he will get moody again; me and YQ has to JOIN hand and play with him to cheer him up! HE IS THAT 'EMO'!

If he is fresh and gets enough sleep, he will perform better!
And all his emotion is written ON HIS EYES and his TAIL!

Toto with is current favourite SQUEEZE!
USD2.50 Turtle from Target!
His pile of TOYS!
We have to STOP getting him TOYS ya!
His kingdom!
We are training him to SIT on the floor of the Car and NOT on my lap!
Ultimately he start to enjoy it because of the AIRCON vent down at the leg area, and he falls asleep very easily during car rides!
He is introduced to the Patio (supervised of course), we don't want a FLYING westie! He loves it, he spends ALOT Of time there watching the world goes by ...
GROW UP please, and pee pee on the right place!

Monday, April 19, 2010

He walk to Pee on NUGI himself!

I was so excited that I actually CAUGHT Toto peepee on his nugi on VIDEO! I was video-ing for YQ showing him how INDEPENDENT he was today and didn't disturb me and caught that 'rare' moment accidentally!

OR maybe he knows he is ON VIDEO!?
Hahaha ~
Video is abit long, but I want to show YQ that he actually play from one end of the room and play around the are, and he actually play until NEAR the Nugi area, put down his Monkey and walk in to Pee. He even walk towards me for me to 'pet' him! Hahaha, he loves attention and he knows that pee-ing on Nugi will confirm get him the love and attention he wants!

If you want to watch, and yet no patient to watch the FULL thing; you can start at 1.20sec ...

Hopefully he continues to do that!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update of his Training Progress @ 10 Weeks old!

He has manage to learn some basics.
But I still wanted him to go have some lesson in Petsmart because at least he get to socialise with other puppies and kinda of learn how to play safer. He is rather aggressive and show no fear with big dogs. He NO scare, I scare!

And so far he is scare of sudden loud noises and CHILDREN! Once, a group of children shouting "PUPPIEeEEeeeEssssS" and rush towards him, he is so scared he PEE on YQ! Hahahaha ...
I think he learn and get the idea rather fast but the fact is I trained with him 3x a day, everyday on every meal. VERY HARD NOT to learn right? The happiest time with him should be when HE SLEEP and when I train with him and he perfected all the moves very well!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 weeks @ 9lbs!

Omg he has put on 4lbs since he arrived.
Is that too much?
I told YQ he has become so heavy, he still has NO.

I told him cos most of the time, I am the one carrying him, hahaha ...
And his tummy is slipping out of my hand!

And he has learn :



Shake Hand

Guess that is alot for a 10 Weeks old puppy right?
But he is still naughty and some days there are ZERO accidents but some days he just pee here and there.

Don't know to love him or hate him!
When can he be trusted?

It is getting warm and he need 2 fans to sleep!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Petco

Someone say "He should be on TV" and "He have the Perfect ear"!

... Proud ...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Toto and his FAN

Toto sleep in the room with us in his crate.
Today he bark facing the back of the crate towards the bedroom door, into nothing; it was soooooooo eerie~ I hate dog barking at nothing, and I always think they are barking at the 'ka ka'! It really freezes me up! And later hubby realised, the fan is not on. And he is barking at the FAN!!!

And true enough after YQ went to ON the fan, he stop barking and went off to sleep! Don't misunderstand Toto, his bark is once or twice nia! Usually he don't bark continuously, just once or twice to let us know he wants our attention for something.

So far, he usually bark to go toilet, wanting us to pet him, wanting us to carry him or his teeth is itchy and he need to bite on something we allow.
And the newest addition is bark to switch ON the fan!
Sometime he also whine to let us know he want us to switch on the fan!
PAMPERED dog right!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Toto @ 9 wks Video!

His first video, usually his performance is better.
Hahaha too hungry today!
But this week, he learnt ; Sit, Down, Roll, Stand, and Turn!
He works for his FOOD!
No actions no food! Hubby think I very cruel, a few actions then only ONE kibble!
Hahahaha, we use his usual kibbles for training.

And now he slowly get the idea of Sit and Down, without kibbles!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Legacy village : Out to Socialise!

Brought him out to have some socialisation!
Let him get use to the outdoor scenes, noises, sights, colours, children, dogs, kids, adults and all colours! And he is a superstar, everyone wants a piece of him. We hear alot of awwwwwww, ahhhhhhhhh; he is sooooo cute! And he did well with all the socialisation, and he is not afraid of HUGE dogs, and want to bully them. NOTTI!

One fact, he didn't try to pee or poo during the WHOLE process when we went out. He only do it when we are getting food to go home and brought him to a patch of grass and coax him to Pee! We should be happy that we have a well mannered dog or a stupid one who dun want to pee when he is outside!? But his timetable was a but mixed up because we went out and he didn't have his meal, pee and poo on time!

Today we also achieved to let him got use to his soft crate and he is so tired he fell asleep in it!
Yeahhhhhh ~

YQ will always hv a better shots with him because his attention is always ON ME!
After the walk he is too tired, he has to fall alseep somewhere and he has gotten to sleep in the soft crate.
We are happy!
A tired westie, but there are too much distraction around for him to fall into deep sleep!
Knock out when he can!
And for once, he woke up fully 9am the next day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Almost one week!

It has been almost ONE WEEK that he is here and we are SO DRAINED out of our energy! But we are getting use to each other in our lifes! Toto loves me so much, hubby is VERY JEALOUS! He looks for me for cuddle, petting, food, play and approval!

Hubby says, Toto loves me More than HIM!
Toto loves me to bits to! It often bring abit of pleasure knowing that Toto is looking out for me, and preferring me to carry him than YQ. He even prefer to play in my lap! Or if YQ is carrying him in the Patio enjoying the view, he prefers me to carry him than YQ! And if I walk pass, whatever Toto is doing, it will just turn around and look at me hoping I walk over to pet him! YQ complains SO UNFAIR, when I kept saying I want to give him away, yet Toto still loves me more than him, haha ...

When we play acting that YQ is bullying me, and ask Toto to help me, he will try to jump Snapping at YQ!!

 So I am the center of universe in his life, hahahaha ...

Hubby is a GREEN monster!

Something ODD :

  • He is a homey dog, he DO NOT like to go out! We have to FORCE him out the house. And the happiest moments in our walk is WHEN he is running up the steps BACK HOME!

  • He will Poo outdoor but Pee indoor!

  • Yeah, we are understanding him slowly and controlling him better so he is making less and less mistakes! (Plus we are crating him more.)

  • He is most accurate when he is in crate, he will BARK at us for attention when he need to Pee or Poo when he is in crate! And we don't have to wake up EVERY one or two hour for him. He can control his pee rather well for his age! For now, he is can be tolerating up to about 6-7hours ...

  • He prefer cloth toys to rubbers ones! We think, he might not like the taste of rubber which works well for us because it meant he doesn't like the taste of cables or wires!

  • Another thing we love about him, he doesn't have the habit of roaming the house, usually he likes to keep himself near us. So we didn't have problem of him biting this or that. (But we are still in an early stage, I know!)

  • He wakes TOO EARLY for my liking, like 5am! He will still try to sleep till 7am till SUNRISE, but really TOO EARLY for an owl like me.

Toto with his favourite, toy; Gecko!
Nope we do not allow him on the Patio Fake grass!
But he is allow on our lap, enjoying the sunset ...
Who says Westie are NOT lapdog?
He lap till my thigh went numb like 3hours napping on my BIG FAT THIGH!
Toto just love the sunset and the view of our patio!
He looks like a Meow Meow from behind right!!
Oh, he allow our HAND or us to meddle in his food.
He will not snarl or bark or snap at us halfway through his meal even if we take away his bowl or just meddle with his food! That is A VERY GOOD HABIT!
He loves the water but he doesn't know how to swim, maybe we can train him to be a life guard dog yeah!
Trying to train him to stay in my bag when we go out!
His daily walk!
His Pee pee and Poo poo Indoor Nugi Pad!
X rated!
Pee Pee on Tray!

Love and hate relationship goes on ...