Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Wet afternoon Marina Barrage, Dinner at Beach Culture @Watercross

It was a failed afternoon event at Marina Barrage!
It was raining so heavily we can only hide, and after the rain TOto did a few fetch and he was SO DIRTY we have to WASH him there and then!
Waited out for the rain to stop at the huge BARRAGE!
Finally made our way to the highly recommended Beach Culture @Watercross.
Most of the Seats are outdoor, by the time I arrived it was pitched dark I didn't see much of the seaview. And we were so hungry we started ordering while waiting for another friend to arrive.

TOto has lotsa of this fish skin too ...
The staff is very nice about TOto being here and even inquired whether TOto need another seat to himself. Hey of course hahaha!

Finally OUR MAINS!

I had the creamy seafood spag, and they were GOOD!
Creamy and CHEESSSilicious!

My buds says the Lava cake is great, the chocolate just oozes out and the cake is really soft.

I had a great day, thanks buds!
TOto was actually sleeping but he heads up for this photo too!
He is so funny!
We loved the place so much I forced 'daddeee' to get a membership here, hahaha ...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I open my eyes ...

And i see this black black nose right next to me ...
He is that close right next to me looking at me sleeping ...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Progressing to MUTTON ...

This is TOto after lunch look!
"Momsie can I have MORE?"
Added Mutton to his latest batch, and I think he likes it!
But me think he still prefers DUCK meat thou.
Chicken drumstick, Chicken feet, Pork Heart, Duck Gizzards, Pork Tongue, Pork Spleen and Pork Liver.

Now that he is so used to Raw meat, he hasn't any problem when I add any kinda of meats into his meal. Where can I source some kangaroo meat in Singapore? That would be interesting. I am wondering about 田鸡, prawns and crocodile meat too. Still abit skimpish about fish, but one day, ONE DAY I WILL TRY!

Monday, November 11, 2013

3 months into Raw Diet ...

We are now 3 months into Raw diet and I am still trying to add new stuffs into TOto's diet. I am still wondering whether I have done everything right but TOto looks happy and very healthy to me! I am especially happy about his "Anal gland problem"! And on certain days while watching TOto poop, I actually see TOto 'anal gland' fluid dripping out! SO perverted, hahahaha!
Hopefully TOto gets the variety he needs and stay fit and healthy!
He does look good and healthy right?
I just gotten all my new supplies from Shengsong and I added Pork Spleen and Pork Tongue this time round! I was hesitant because PORK TONGUE looks damn disgusting but Pork tongue meat is quite FIRM and looks almost YUMMY TO MYSELF! Hahahahahaha ...
The total cost for all these cost me $24.00, which the whole duck itself cost $13.50. And I managed to get 30 packets which is 15 days supply for TOto meal. So it comes down to $1.60 per day. Rather manageable for us I guess.

Check out how I sort out TOto's meal ...