Monday, November 11, 2013

3 months into Raw Diet ...

We are now 3 months into Raw diet and I am still trying to add new stuffs into TOto's diet. I am still wondering whether I have done everything right but TOto looks happy and very healthy to me! I am especially happy about his "Anal gland problem"! And on certain days while watching TOto poop, I actually see TOto 'anal gland' fluid dripping out! SO perverted, hahahaha!
Hopefully TOto gets the variety he needs and stay fit and healthy!
He does look good and healthy right?
I just gotten all my new supplies from Shengsong and I added Pork Spleen and Pork Tongue this time round! I was hesitant because PORK TONGUE looks damn disgusting but Pork tongue meat is quite FIRM and looks almost YUMMY TO MYSELF! Hahahahahaha ...
The total cost for all these cost me $24.00, which the whole duck itself cost $13.50. And I managed to get 30 packets which is 15 days supply for TOto meal. So it comes down to $1.60 per day. Rather manageable for us I guess.

Check out how I sort out TOto's meal ...

Bought Chicken Feet for some spares, but in the end I didn't use any ...
I cubed everything and individually mixed into packets of about 100 grams!
Can you spot which is what?
Tie everything into bags and store them in the freezer and I just have to take 2 packet out and placed them into the fridge for defrozing for the next day. And these are my almost 2 weeks supplies!

No pestering for TOto to eat!
Anytime, anywhere he has appetite for Raw food ...



  1. Replies
    1. 200gram split into 2meals 100gram each, very hard to find full big parts with good proportion of meat/bones/organs. Till now if he can find organs he still spits them out! Arrrghhh! So its easier just to mix everything this way to control the variety and proportion in each mean. Somehow more work but seems easier for me and he eats better and slower too.

  2. He looks like he's enjoying his meal! :)
    Do you only give him raw meat? Or do you give him snacks like fruit & veggies as well?

    1. I tried adding fruits or veggies, he just FINDS them and spit all of them out. I tried Oats too and I find him putting on lotsa of weight! I still give him homebaked biscuits as treats ... He is satisfied with just meat/organ/bones/liver but I add Fish oil, Garlic Pill, 1/4tsp seameal and Yoghurt. And almost an egg once a week:)

  3. Hi, my Westie is only 7 months old. Is he too young to have a raw diet? He keeps scratching and licking his feet and is on kibbles now..

    1. Hi Dione,

      Supposedly can but maybe try to slowly introduced. We started out adding freeze dried raw like Stella and Chewy (or in Singapore Primal Freeze dried raw) to his kibble, and then transit to Barf patties adding to his kibbles ... But then again, I read that they can be changed right away, so it all depends on your puppy! There are alot of different types of Raw now, maybe you can buy commercially before committing to DIY like me.