Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update : Orijen Fish + Wellness Simple Food Solutions Lamb Rice

TOto has been fed on Orijen Fish + Wellness Simple Food Solutions Lamb Rice for about 2 weeks now and so far, TOto has consistently given us 'fat fat hard hard poops' daily. And since then TOto hasn't has any 'Anal gland juice leaking issue'!

Ok side tracked abit; Once upon a time, when TOto didn't had consistently hard poop, TOto would often have 'Leaky Anal gland juice' in the middle of the night on our BED! The stench 'Gosh', would wake TOto up and you will see TOto panicking and JUMPed off the bed, trying to leak his anal clean! And luckily, most of the time, me and hubs would often sleep late! So when we see TOto sniffing his butt in the middle of the night, we would know; Anal gland juice leakage!!! Hubs would get the wet tissue and wipe it clean for TOto!
Now after feeding him on this combo, it seems that we no longer have to deal with the 'Midnight wiping butt issue' (xxx finger)!

Plus after his 'Diarrhea' and 'Vomitting' episode we have been adding either a 1/4 tbsp of Nancy's Cultured Low fat Cottage Cheese or Voskos Greek yoghurt to improve his appetite! And I guess the 'Live & Active Probiotic Cultures' from Greek Yoghurt helps alot with his stomach! And I later realised the Cottage Cheese has 'L. acidophilus, B. bifidum and four strains of lactic cultures' too! TOto is definitely eating SO MUCH healthier than Mammeee and daddeee who finds the Cottage cheese and Greek yoghurt yucky and smelly! These are NOT CHEAP too!

What good life you have, TOto!
At current it is a 50-50 mix of both kibbles.
Cross our fingers, this combination continues to work for us!

TOto with his 'Oldest' surviving buddy, TUrtle!
Adios ~

P/S (IMHO) : We do not allow groomers/vet to express his anal gland and we do not promote that. This should be a natural body reaction of dogs.

TOto wrestling Dakota the Silver Labrador!

Remember Dakota the Puppy Silver labrador!
They are up on video, Dakota looks so much like a Black Cheetah Puma. Dakota is only 13weeks old ...

@Toyota Lewisville Dog Park 04-28-2011

We spent a good 2 hour in the dog park today!
The weather is very cooling but too COLD for Mammeee~

But TOto had alot of fun; and his buddy of the day was a Puppy Silver Labrador named Dakota! Dakota was so shy, she daren't play with anyone but TOto loves to play wrestling with puppy! And so TOto initiate play, and they wrestled for the longest time. Dakota mommy mentioned this is the first time she see Dakota playing with anyone in the Dog park!
TOto has so much fun, he refused to go home!
Naughty boy!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scottie descendant?

How do we know that, there might be some Scottie blood in TOto?
So weird!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wrestling with a Maltipoo

From my understanding, doggies only play wrestling with their own siblings or if they are from the same household. It is rare to see doggies play wrestling in a dog park with stranger dogs! Wrestling makes doggies very vulnerable, and it is hard for the doggies to gauge whether the other party is 'gentle' in play! I might be wrong but this is from my own observation! But TOto loves wrestling, and of course loves to 'Bully' the smaller dogs! Hahahaha ~

Easter in the Park Pooch Parade 2011

The Turtle Creek Association and the Lee Park Conservancy opened the streets up for costumed dogs and their owners for Easter in the Park on April 24, 2011 ...
This event sounds so interesting, we decide to wake up EARLY for it! But when we got there, we have to park so far it was a 15minutes walk to the park. It was so crowded when we reached the park, everyone is already comfortably settled down on their mat and drinking beers!
There were dogs here and there, EVERYWHERE!
And by the time we sat ourselves down for the parade, TOto is so tired; he has to jump up and just sat on my lap!

This is the 2nd time I see a 'handicapped' German Shepherd.
And its pawrent are so loving!!
In my heart, the below should be the WINNER!
They are so  friendly, they stopped and let everyone around take photos of them!
Proud proud, pawrents of a cute pug ...
TOto sat on my lap from the start to the end of the parade!
Proud proud mammeee of a cute westie!
Alot of different adoption society was around for the adoptions of dogs!

We find a quiet corner to take a rest and replenish TOto with biscuits and water!

It was too crowded, or maybe the park seems to be too small for the event?

Last look of the park!
On our walk back to the car, our GPS took us to the wrong point and we were walking to the wrong parking spot for like 20minutes before we realised we are LOST! STUPID GPS! Luckily Mammeee always take a picture of the 'starting' point and lucky us the 'address' is printed ON THE WALL!

Another 20minutes walk before we reached OUR car!!
By then TOto is so ZONED out!
He slept throughout the car ride, KNOCKED OUT!
And KNOCKED out again after his bathe and dinner; snoozing with Daddeee ~
Another fruitful weekend!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

@ Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park 04-23-2011

There were ALOT of events around Dallas area, but we suspect no matter where we go; TOto loves the dogpark most! So being lazy pawrents, we just head towards our favourite dogpark!
As always TOto need to sniff out the area first before he can start playing!
Mammeee and Daddeee just find a comfortable place with shade to sit down!
TOto's water station!
TOto drinking command is in chinese kekeke ~
"TOto go 喝水!" (TOto is biligual!!)
Guess what TOto is doing!!?
TOto is taking shade under our leg!
This picture is self taken, not bad huh!
Everyone is in the picture, hahahaha!

A nice lady offer to take a photo for us!
Nice shot!

TOto cannot outrun the mutts in the park.
No bigger dogs want to play wrestling with him.
Daddeee forget his Ball to play fetch.
SO THE NEXT BEST THING TOto did was to BULLY and play wrestling with a maltipoo named Vicky; which he can easily outrun and win hands down in wrestling!
What a bully!!! 

But no worries he is very gentle with these type of small dogs!
Omce in awhile, TOto would let them win too!

Just 2 hours and he is VERY HAPPY and exhausted!
Dogs are so easily contented ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

TOto's Report : Mammeee has the hives!

Mommee has the hives, she is taking alot of Antihistamines and that is making her BERY tired. She is sleeping ALOT! If not Mammeee is scratchy scratchy like TOto. TOto has to keep checking up on Mammeee. Spring has been harsh on Mammeee this year with the Hives and eye infections. Hope Mammeee recovers soon and can bring TOto out for his walks ...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

History of TOto's chew

Since TOto is feeling better, and is still very tired from the weekend 'Fun'; I have some time to do some updating! On Monday, TOto slept till 12.30pm! I have to coax him to wake up and go down to do his business. I was in such a mood, I brought him to the pool area for him to 'explore' himself while I sit by and watch. But he was so tired, TOto just jumped up and rested on my thigh! *Faint*

Maple's mommy post on Maple's chew prompted me to write about a post on TOto's chew. TOto has salvage quite a number of chew. Smaller puppies usually has smaller mouth, so the tougher chews are usually too big for them. So we had to progress slowly, and TOto is a TOUGH chewer!

He started with Hartz Chew n Clean, I think it comes with his 'Puppy package' from our breeder. He loves it but he only chew the end which is very small. And usu
Then we progresses him to a bigger chew, Nylabone Puppy DOUBLE ACTION CHEW! But this is too soft for TOto and he swallow quite alot of the orange RUBBER!
We find too much orange rubber in his poop which makes us very uncomfortable with TOto continuing with this chew! Rubber Intoxification!
Those were the days, when he is so cute and fluffy!
The next progression is a tougher chew!
@5mths old, TOto is now at the Nylabone 'PRO ACTION'! TOto shredded the head of the chew, and the jagged edge of the plastic cuts into his gums! And after some intense chewing we realised TOto gum is always bleeding!! We can spot blood stain on the plastic! So we are on the search for another chew which should be TOUGH and the plastic should not cut the gum!
We remember watching a Puppy training video where the trainer highly recommend Nylabone Galileo® Bone which is 'Indestructible'!
Nah it isn't as indestructible' for TOto, he shredded one of the edges and now on the 2nd edge! This is TOto showing off some of his collection! Chews are one of the item we don't mind spending money on to relieve his canine instinct!

This are all of his plastic chews! I forget his 'Bison Antler'!
Look at the Yellow wax-like chew, it is almost finishing soon!
The triangular chew is another 'Indestructible' Chew from Walmart; Dogzilla!
Till this date, TOto loves the Gallileo most and he will bring 'Leo' to you and request either me or hubs to HOLD on the chew for him to chew on!