Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in the Park Pooch Parade 2011

The Turtle Creek Association and the Lee Park Conservancy opened the streets up for costumed dogs and their owners for Easter in the Park on April 24, 2011 ...
This event sounds so interesting, we decide to wake up EARLY for it! But when we got there, we have to park so far it was a 15minutes walk to the park. It was so crowded when we reached the park, everyone is already comfortably settled down on their mat and drinking beers!
There were dogs here and there, EVERYWHERE!
And by the time we sat ourselves down for the parade, TOto is so tired; he has to jump up and just sat on my lap!

This is the 2nd time I see a 'handicapped' German Shepherd.
And its pawrent are so loving!!
In my heart, the below should be the WINNER!
They are so  friendly, they stopped and let everyone around take photos of them!
Proud proud, pawrents of a cute pug ...
TOto sat on my lap from the start to the end of the parade!
Proud proud mammeee of a cute westie!
Alot of different adoption society was around for the adoptions of dogs!

We find a quiet corner to take a rest and replenish TOto with biscuits and water!

It was too crowded, or maybe the park seems to be too small for the event?

Last look of the park!
On our walk back to the car, our GPS took us to the wrong point and we were walking to the wrong parking spot for like 20minutes before we realised we are LOST! STUPID GPS! Luckily Mammeee always take a picture of the 'starting' point and lucky us the 'address' is printed ON THE WALL!

Another 20minutes walk before we reached OUR car!!
By then TOto is so ZONED out!
He slept throughout the car ride, KNOCKED OUT!
And KNOCKED out again after his bathe and dinner; snoozing with Daddeee ~
Another fruitful weekend!!


  1. I like this concept of a pooch parade - what a fun event. Seeing from the size of the crowd, there must have been a really good turn out. I agree with you that the pawrents of the pug with the cute matching tie have themselves a winning look! Nice photo of TOto and his Daddee Zzzz

  2. Yah it was a really crowded event, we thought we can find a comfortable spot to relax but we were too late!!

  3. Very cool! Was it as warm up your direction as it was here? We spent Saturday in Austin and it was HOT!

    Love the snoozy TOto photo in the car. He was tuckered!!