Friday, April 8, 2011

Some good days, some bad days!

It seems that TOto has yet to made a full recovery!
Now we have remove TOTW kibbles, and feeding him lesser at more intervals. We suspect his Daycamp as well, because usually the stomach rumblings starts after he comes back from Daycamp.

But other than that, he is like his normal self.
Doing his Guard-duty, barking at strangers, going for walks with mammee and eating ok.
But on days that he doesn't feel as good, he will refuse treats and food!
Hopes he get well soon, if not our pocket will start burning ...

Showing off their love!


  1. I know what you mean, we're often playing 'detectives', too! Whenever Maple isn't her usual self, we then have to put on our detectives' hats and figure out the mystery. Could it be the food, her poop (because sometimes she would sneak a bite out of it if we're not watching - gross, I know), not getting enough attention, picked up something during a walk, etc... I'm sure TOto's tummy will settle down soon. Meanwhile, he looks like he's very much enjoying all the attention and care that he's receiving ;)

  2. Yah *headache* some days he is like all normal. Then one day he is having the runs again! We are still scratching our skull trying to figure it out.