Saturday, April 2, 2011

TOto goes sailing!

TOto always look forward to his weekend morning walk because usually we will let him run around our apartment community unleashed

And today the weather is so fantastic, Daddeee decide to bring his Remote Control Sailboat out for a Virgin test-run in our community pool which is right infront of our apartment!

TOto was curious for a few moment and soon he was off doing his own stuffs sniffing about for rabbits and ninjas! Not long after, TOto jumped onto mommee lap and together we waited for daddeee to finish his sailing...


  1. What a beautiful sunshiny day! TOto is so cute - it looks like he's giving Daddee directions on how to steer the sail boat :)

  2. TOto has NO interest at all, hahaha~ He rather be sniffing out rabbits and ninjas!