Friday, April 15, 2011

TOto's report - Another brand new day!

Daddeee don't dare to oversleep today!
Daddeee wake, bring TOto down to do his business, wash TOto up, fed TOto and watch EPL with TOto together! In the end, Daddeee and TOto fell asleep on the small small sofa together and we nap for a few hours! And mammeee slept through TOto and Daddeee bonding session!!

In the afternoon, Daddeee & Mammeee tells TOto that they have something important to do so they brought TOto to Daycamp again! TOto is happy but Mammeee is SO SLOW preparing to go out. TOto have to wait with Daddeee for the 'Tortoise' mammeee~
Usually on the weekends, Petsmart Daycamps has 'Training' session so TOto was brought into another room so Daddeee.Mammeee cannot see TOto in action! TOto have a girlfriend today and her name is TOot, omg she ran as fast as me and she almost have the same name as Me!

TOto loves TOot!
Oh now TOto knows, the 'Important' thing they mentioned is to collect this green 'OllyDog Plush Eco Dog Bed' that Mammeee has ordered through website! Hmmm, but TOto still prefer the smelly seat pad that Mammeee and Daddeee brought over from Sinkapore! Mammeee and Daddeee says this is the 'smell' of their home ~
TOto now has a very comfortable 'Guard Post', so TOto has to be MORE VIGILANT!
But TOto so tired ...
Wait, TOto see a NINJA *barrk *barrrk* *growwwl*!

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