Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wrestling with a Maltipoo

From my understanding, doggies only play wrestling with their own siblings or if they are from the same household. It is rare to see doggies play wrestling in a dog park with stranger dogs! Wrestling makes doggies very vulnerable, and it is hard for the doggies to gauge whether the other party is 'gentle' in play! I might be wrong but this is from my own observation! But TOto loves wrestling, and of course loves to 'Bully' the smaller dogs! Hahahaha ~


  1. TOto and the Maltipoo look like they were playing quite gently with one another and having a lot of fun while at it! I wish Maple has a doggy friend of her size to play with. Most of the dogs she has met are either too playful (in which case she usually ends up getting nipped) or aren't interested in playing with her at all... The poor gal, she's having a bit of a difficult time making friends.

  2. It is not everyday TOto can find a wrestling buddy too! I wonder what are their 'search' criteria!! But because we have a maltese in our community so TOto grew up playing wrestling with smaller dogs, maybe that is why he can control his 'strenght' pretty well playing with smaller dogs!

    If ever TOto goes back to Sg, he will love playing with Maple!!