Friday, April 15, 2011

Acid Reflux Bile incident ...

Just the next day after we feed TOto with Wellness Simple Solution, we woke up late to feed TOto the next morning and this happen!

I had a major fight with Hubs over this issue, and he has promised to wake up at 8.30am for TOto no matter what happen! Ever since his last 'Diarrhea' incident, TOto has a 'fear' of food! He seems to be very wary of eating and doesn't even know he has to eat when he is hungry.
Anyway this 'Waking up late' had rendered all our 'effort' for the past one week to nothing!

The morning after Hubs left for work; TOto refused to eat and was all CURLED up underneath my table sleeping. I was watching Tv, I didnt realised TOto was walking over to the other end of the room. But I heard some 'Gurgling' noise and saw this. I FREAKED OUT!
But later I realised this should be his bile juice, vomitted because of Acid reflux; reason because TOto refused to eat breakfast and his stomach is EMPTY! And why he refused, because we brought him down to pee/poop too late and by the time when we gave him breakfast at 10am, he refused food!
Since young we taught him to vomit at this black mat area, he would always walked over to the mat to vomit, but atlas he was too slow to walked over this time round ...

By the time he walked over, I place the nugi for him to throw up and he did for another time.
My heart really PAIN, when I hear all the 'vomitting', retching sound!

By the time I start to take photos, I thought he should be almost done with vomitting but looking at the picture now, he should still be feeling a vomit!
But after his 'Vomitting' episode, he felt so much better he request to play 'Boing boing' and was back to his naughty self. But we had a hard time convincing him to eat his kibbles again! And that day itself in order to attract TOto to at least have some food so that his stomach would have something to churn on; I have to throw his kibbles all over the floor in order to make him eat! And he only ate 1/4 cup!
I guess I have to store some cottage cheese at home to attract him to eat more!

But no worries, we brought him to the dogpark in the evening and he seems quite alright happily playing chase with others doggies and fetching tennis ball! By the time he reached home, he was so hungry he ate another 1/4 cup! As long as he is not sleeping with a empty stomach, I am happy!
Some sources online mentioned that feeding dogs with meals that are very high in protein level will caused the stomach to be overly acidic; which explains the acid reflux.

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