Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update : Orijen Fish + Wellness Simple Food Solutions Lamb Rice

TOto has been fed on Orijen Fish + Wellness Simple Food Solutions Lamb Rice for about 2 weeks now and so far, TOto has consistently given us 'fat fat hard hard poops' daily. And since then TOto hasn't has any 'Anal gland juice leaking issue'!

Ok side tracked abit; Once upon a time, when TOto didn't had consistently hard poop, TOto would often have 'Leaky Anal gland juice' in the middle of the night on our BED! The stench 'Gosh', would wake TOto up and you will see TOto panicking and JUMPed off the bed, trying to leak his anal clean! And luckily, most of the time, me and hubs would often sleep late! So when we see TOto sniffing his butt in the middle of the night, we would know; Anal gland juice leakage!!! Hubs would get the wet tissue and wipe it clean for TOto!
Now after feeding him on this combo, it seems that we no longer have to deal with the 'Midnight wiping butt issue' (xxx finger)!

Plus after his 'Diarrhea' and 'Vomitting' episode we have been adding either a 1/4 tbsp of Nancy's Cultured Low fat Cottage Cheese or Voskos Greek yoghurt to improve his appetite! And I guess the 'Live & Active Probiotic Cultures' from Greek Yoghurt helps alot with his stomach! And I later realised the Cottage Cheese has 'L. acidophilus, B. bifidum and four strains of lactic cultures' too! TOto is definitely eating SO MUCH healthier than Mammeee and daddeee who finds the Cottage cheese and Greek yoghurt yucky and smelly! These are NOT CHEAP too!

What good life you have, TOto!
At current it is a 50-50 mix of both kibbles.
Cross our fingers, this combination continues to work for us!

TOto with his 'Oldest' surviving buddy, TUrtle!
Adios ~

P/S (IMHO) : We do not allow groomers/vet to express his anal gland and we do not promote that. This should be a natural body reaction of dogs.


  1. Glad to hear that you guys have found a combination of kibbles and yoghurt/cottage cheese that works for TOto. He looks so happy and pleased in the photo of him and his TUrtle. TOto is soooo adorable!!

  2. Oooohh...Gus loves cottage cheese! Happy to hear that TOto is feeling better - what a relief!