Saturday, April 23, 2011

@ Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park 04-23-2011

There were ALOT of events around Dallas area, but we suspect no matter where we go; TOto loves the dogpark most! So being lazy pawrents, we just head towards our favourite dogpark!
As always TOto need to sniff out the area first before he can start playing!
Mammeee and Daddeee just find a comfortable place with shade to sit down!
TOto's water station!
TOto drinking command is in chinese kekeke ~
"TOto go 喝水!" (TOto is biligual!!)
Guess what TOto is doing!!?
TOto is taking shade under our leg!
This picture is self taken, not bad huh!
Everyone is in the picture, hahahaha!

A nice lady offer to take a photo for us!
Nice shot!

TOto cannot outrun the mutts in the park.
No bigger dogs want to play wrestling with him.
Daddeee forget his Ball to play fetch.
SO THE NEXT BEST THING TOto did was to BULLY and play wrestling with a maltipoo named Vicky; which he can easily outrun and win hands down in wrestling!
What a bully!!! 

But no worries he is very gentle with these type of small dogs!
Omce in awhile, TOto would let them win too!

Just 2 hours and he is VERY HAPPY and exhausted!
Dogs are so easily contented ...


  1. What a lovely family photo! I'm with you - sometimes it's best just to go where you know they will be happy! A trip to TOto's favorite dog park sounds perfect. :)

  2. Only 2 things spoken will brighten up TOto's day; 1) Wanna go daycamp? Or 2) Go dogpark?
    Keke ~