Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quiet, lazy afternoon ...

TOto is enjoying his Kuranda look-alike bed more ...
And now he usually use it as his 'Guard-duty' post!
For his comfort, I allow him to use our mat!
Although there are 2 mat, but he only curls up in one of them, so weird!!!


  1. I love TOto's Kuranda look-alike bed...where did you find it? We'd love to have something similar to that while we're traveling!

  2. Hi gus's daddy,
    We got it off ebay >>

    It is about 50% cheaper than the real thing, maybe you can take a look!

  3. TOto sure knows how to live life! I like the polaroid frame you used for this picture - it's so retro.

  4. @Maple mommy, I used Photoscape a free and easy to use software :)