Monday, April 18, 2011

Dog Bowl at Fair Park’s Cotton Bowl

Every year Dallas Fair Park’s Cotton Bowl will organised a DOG BOWL EVENT and open its door for the Canine friends to run free and unleashed in their stadium and for some reasons I didn't bring TOto to the event last year. I think TOto hasn't finish his puppy shots yet. But this year we are determined to bring him!

By the time we reached at about 3.30pm, alot of people is leaving already!
But it was still very packed in the stadium!
Wow it was huge, and it was a good 'Training' session for TOto. We always wonder how TOto would perform unleashed in a 'rowdy' environment!! Will he just ran wild or will he stick closely to us?
TOto wasted no time sniffing around doing his usual detective work; looking out for Ninjas and Aliens!
TOto has to 'clear' the ground before he can start to loosen up and enjoy himself!

There were alot of different stores around selling dogs food, accessories, alot of Rescues were here, Pet resorts, Pet services and Veterinary counter around too!

Small portable pool for the dogs to dunk themselves to cool off.
It was a pretty warm day but the wind is blowing, so I quite like the weather!

After his 'Detective' work is done, TOto brought back a 'Turf' tennis ball to play fetch!
It seems like the 'Bugs' he gotten over the past 2 weeks has just 'dissappear' and vanish! Really who need Vet when they can just play to recover!! hahaha ~

Opps cannot see daddeee face!
Woah is that a Dane?
It is gorgeous and he is standing tall, modelling for the photographers around!

Water is a MUST for such a hot day, we will never go anyway without water and biscuit for TOto!
TOto did quite well unleashed. Sometimes he would try to run abit farther away and lost us. Hahaha, we will stand from afar and look at his confused, panicky face. And when we had enough of fun, we would whistle for TOto! TOto would come running back! This test shows that he would always come running back or just wandered about near us! At least he wouldn't run off with another dog!

Some huge friends, TOto made!

What came as a surprised; TOto didn't find a 'Buddy' to play with like in dogpark. TOto would run about, sniff and come back. I wonder why, maybe the place was too crowded and TOto didn't feel safe enough to go play, he has to stay vigilant!
This is what happens to dog when they play too much!
But we know TOto really enjoy himself this weekend!


  1. Ahhhh! I love it when they sleep on their backs. So cute!

    Glad to see you had such beautiful weather over the weekend too. The event at the Cotton Bowl looked like so much fun!

  2. It looked like such a fun day! The dogsters must have had a ball having the WHOLE stadium to run around. I like TOto's dry fit tee - so sporty and fitting for the occasion. LOL, the individualized swimming pools are hilarious. Especially the picture of the two giants (GR and Lab) trying to squeeze into one ;)

  3. @ Gus's daddy, yah all the dogs have a blast just running and playing with everyone. And splashing in the pools!

    @Maple's mommy, We had to dress TOto just incase there are too many westies attending the event hahaha.