Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend walk!

Ok, no other dogs in sight, TOto is unleash ...

TOto hear mammee walk down the staircase and waited for her!
'Mammee can you please walk faster!!'
TOto made sure, he see mammee before running after Daddee!
Sometimes if TOto gets too naughty, both Mamee and Daddee would HIDE ourselves and let TOto PANIC! Hahaha, TOto's expression "PRICELESS"!
If you can see, TOto always POOP with 3 paws on the ground!

There are a few 'mad' dogs in our apartmemt community, so when we see some 'unfriendly' dogs or kids running about we will leashed TOto!

We gave TOto some training outdoor because Mammee brought out some treats!
He was doing so well before I whipped out my camera, hahaha camera shy!
But still he did well enough to be uploaded for me to share him with everyone ...

Enjoy ...


  1. I am so impressed!! I loved seeing TOto weaving. We'll have to try that with Gus!

    I hope your area cooled off a bit today. It feels so much better now that it did the past few days!

  2. TOto is such a good boy - he looks like he's always eager to please you and your hubby (especially in the video footage of TOto weaving through his Daddee's legs). Does TOto really poop with only three paws on the ground? That's so hilarious and cute at the same time!

  3. @ Gus's daddy, it is abit cooler this one or two day hofully it last longer!!

    @ Maple mommy, TOto is waiting for the treats after he does his tricks, hahaha!

    And ya since puppy he has been doing that, so weird right!