Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On one of the rare day when TOto was still sleeping in the bedroom, while Hub and me is already awake at the livng room. We decide to do a test on TOto's hearing. I whispered very, very softly,"要不要带它去." We both stared at the bedroom door anticipating what TOto would do. Hmmmm no response, when we decide to give up, we can see TOto suddenly trotter double speed out of the bedroom with his fur still PRESS flat on his panicky face, hahaha!! I guess TOto hesitate for a moment and then hear no response and starts to panic that we left him out! It was so funny!!

And we know sometimes when we shout till our throats hurt and they refused to do what we are saying doesn't mean they didn't hear us hahaha, they just CHOOSE to IGNORE us!

Anyway, Hub has yet to start work so we have been bringing TOto to the dog park EVERYDAY!

It is VERY COLD recently, Mammeee has to wear alot of layers of clothing and cover myself up so that I can stand in the cold empty field for a few hours! I look like an eskimo huh, hahaha ...
Hub says when we play, it looks like a 'ALIEN ABDUCTION'!
The grass are drying up, and TOto kept rolling himself on the grass; SO DIRTY!!
Arrrrrrghhhh, we have to rinse him everyday!
And on a good day, TOto would find a 'partner' to wrestle, chase and fight with!
So mammeee can sleep through the night!

Friday, November 25, 2011

TOto and Husky

Today is one day after Thanksgiving, and we are worried that, they aren't any dogs around but we are sooooooooooo wrong. The small dogs area has lesser dogs so we brought TOto to the big boys area! 

And TOto found love with this Husky. Husky owners were so amused with him playing with TOto!! They say, this Husky seldom plays with small dogs and they are wondering why he is so infatuated with TOto and refused to go home hahaha! That is the 'Power' of our TOto!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rawwwrrrr DESTROY!

On a normal day, TOto usually thinks he is a White German Sheperd; HUGE, FIERCE and RUN like the WIND ...

I call him my furball, meowy (white furry cat), blah blah white sheep or Mary's little lamb!
My Hub refer TOto as the BIG WHITE WOLF, or Gigantic Polar bear or sometimes the FEROCIOUS WHITE LION. (See how a Man and a Woman view differ looking at a small/medium size dog?)

Or maybe he can pass off as a Stitch??
.. ♥ ..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yeah ELK antler!

I bought a ELk Antler intending to allow TOto to bring it over to MrK house but by the time it is nearer, the Antler is almost finish and dangerously sharp and has to be supervised for the chew! MrK is already very busy with his work, so it is unfair that MrK has to spend time supervising TOto chewing!!

Maple loves them too, and chewed like there is no tomorrow~
Yeah I love them mostly because they don't stained or smelt like some 'chew' does!
All natural and naturally expensive too, I think I gotten them for about USD9+ for a few days of fun!
And this is to show you, how HAPPY TOto is with his Antler, dancing with his TAIL!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunset, Daddeee where???

Just a few days ago, we were discussing, "Will TOto starts to think of us, and miss us?"
The answer is a affirmative yes ...

One obvious incident ...
One day, Daddeee worked OVERTIME, TOto become so paranoid and he cannot leave his eye off where daddeee is supposed to walk home; downstairs pavement. And no matter where TOto is, on his Patio Bed
Or right beside Mammeee, his eyes are always at the DOOR ...

At Patio, TOto kept seeing the WRONG person and thought Hub is back and kept whining at the door or WHINE at me like I kept my husband from coming home. BUT I KNEW for sure Hub is at work. So he must have realised that Daddeee is supposed to come home BY NOW! So he does REMEMBER and think of US!

So Dogs doesn't live for the moment, he does think think of something that are not here now ...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Less than a WEEK!!!

Time passes so fast this time round that I am in Singapore.
My mom sure misses ME but she still has my brother, and I misses TOto so much!

We have been watching so many episodes of Cesar Millan and there are some NEW stuffs we want to 'TRAIN' him, hahaha! Especially 'NO CHASING' of squirrels, TOto has to be more discipline now that he is OLDER. We shouldn't be giving him excuses like," Aww he is still a PUPPY!" I don't really agree with Cesar Millan's way but I guess most of the dogs he dealt with are really seriously psychologically damage which require some 'extreme' measures. 

I guess TOto just need a MORE ASSERTIVE Mammeee to say NO!
Everyone will be so surprise to know I am that 'useless' Mammeee who gives in to everything hahaha! Everyone always thought I will always be the disciplinarian in the family!

In Taiwan you can bring your dogs ANYWHERE as long as he is crated! We see them in Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Hot Spring, Alishan, Sun Moon Lake; EVERYWHERE!
A very random post, hahaha!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The day we left for Singapore ...

This picture is take a day before we left ...
Resting in between of us before his next 'Fetch'.

On the day we left, TOto still sleeping without a care in the world...
He does look kinda of sad right?

Finally we have to 'Harden' our heart to bring him in ...
Daddeee bringing him his favourite 'Kuranda' bed.
We usually let him finish his business before going in the car.

We have to go in and set up his kennel for the few days MrK is unable to look after him. TOto went in willingly because daddeee ask him to do it but after that he realised something is not right ...
And starts to scratch and paw, whine and bark wanting to come out ...
We really have to 'HARDEN' our heart to walk away from TOto. 
*heart breaking*
By the way, that dog next to TOto's crate is Snicker.
That PUG is TOto's nemesis

Snicker is TOto's enemy! TOto hates him to the CORE! Snicker always like to be the BOSS of the camp and would always bully the newcomer in the camp! We see TOto being bullied a few times, and TOto would always run far far away from Snicker, doesn't even allow Snicker to have the complimentary sniff! We complained a few times but then P3tsmart would always say, Snicker hasn't hurt any dog so they cannot do anything. GOsh, need an incident to ban a dog? Hopefully the HURT dog is NOT MINE, if not there'll be HELL to pay!

Another 9 more days to go!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Updates from MrK

Mr K pamper TOto very much too, and allow TOto to sleep with him ON HIS BED!
And TOto would 'Force' MrK to play Boingboing with him 24hr/7 with his 'LOOK'!
When TOto is so tired, he starts chewing on Mr Hippo's ear!
We do not allow Mr Turtle to leave our home, so if TOto has to go out; Mr Hippo will go on the adventure with him!
TOto look so tired and COLD!
Daddeee and Mammeee misses you very much!

P/S : Photographs complimentary from MrK