Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Less than a WEEK!!!

Time passes so fast this time round that I am in Singapore.
My mom sure misses ME but she still has my brother, and I misses TOto so much!

We have been watching so many episodes of Cesar Millan and there are some NEW stuffs we want to 'TRAIN' him, hahaha! Especially 'NO CHASING' of squirrels, TOto has to be more discipline now that he is OLDER. We shouldn't be giving him excuses like," Aww he is still a PUPPY!" I don't really agree with Cesar Millan's way but I guess most of the dogs he dealt with are really seriously psychologically damage which require some 'extreme' measures. 

I guess TOto just need a MORE ASSERTIVE Mammeee to say NO!
Everyone will be so surprise to know I am that 'useless' Mammeee who gives in to everything hahaha! Everyone always thought I will always be the disciplinarian in the family!

In Taiwan you can bring your dogs ANYWHERE as long as he is crated! We see them in Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Hot Spring, Alishan, Sun Moon Lake; EVERYWHERE!
A very random post, hahaha!


  1. Cool signage! It's interesting to read about dog cultures in different cities and countries. I wasn't aware that Taiwan had such an open policy when it comes to welcoming dogs into restaurants and supermarkets. I'm not sure we'll see that happening in Singapore any time soon, but at least dogs were allowed into the Expo this weekend for the Pets Fair!

  2. @Maple momsie
    I almost wanted to go to the expo but it was raining so heavily nad the expo last year was a dissappointment. Hopefully you can upload some pictures of the event.