Wednesday, November 30, 2011


On one of the rare day when TOto was still sleeping in the bedroom, while Hub and me is already awake at the livng room. We decide to do a test on TOto's hearing. I whispered very, very softly,"要不要带它去." We both stared at the bedroom door anticipating what TOto would do. Hmmmm no response, when we decide to give up, we can see TOto suddenly trotter double speed out of the bedroom with his fur still PRESS flat on his panicky face, hahaha!! I guess TOto hesitate for a moment and then hear no response and starts to panic that we left him out! It was so funny!!

And we know sometimes when we shout till our throats hurt and they refused to do what we are saying doesn't mean they didn't hear us hahaha, they just CHOOSE to IGNORE us!

Anyway, Hub has yet to start work so we have been bringing TOto to the dog park EVERYDAY!

It is VERY COLD recently, Mammeee has to wear alot of layers of clothing and cover myself up so that I can stand in the cold empty field for a few hours! I look like an eskimo huh, hahaha ...
Hub says when we play, it looks like a 'ALIEN ABDUCTION'!
The grass are drying up, and TOto kept rolling himself on the grass; SO DIRTY!!
Arrrrrrghhhh, we have to rinse him everyday!
And on a good day, TOto would find a 'partner' to wrestle, chase and fight with!
So mammeee can sleep through the night!

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