Thursday, December 1, 2011

TOto want to play with the BIG furboys!

TOto finds 'NO KICK' in the small dog area and recently in the small dogs area, TOto just wants to play fetch with Hub and me, and only once in a while he will finds a khaki that is his size or weight to play with. And recently, he refused to play with dogs that are smaller. SO TOto loves it when a BIGGER breed puppy ventures in but that is very rare. Not that we don't like to play fetch with TOto but an hour of wrestling match = to a 3 hour of ball fetching. Running to fetch ball, doesn't tires TOto out AT ALL!
So we try to bring TOto over to the bigger dog area but the BIG DOGS will find TOto too small to play with and will usually ignore him. Today TOto has been eyeing on this 'Border Collie' but he was ignore by the Collie. But at one point TOto finally manage to attract at least 5 big dogs to chase after TOto around, like TOto was a little white rabbit! There were like a Labrador, a Australian Sheperd, a Doberman, the Border Collie and a Boxer!

All of them were playing, nibbling and chasing in a huge rowdy group. The Border were chewing onto TOto's thigh while the Doberman was trying to get TOto's neck. And the Labrador was trying to protect TOto and was barking at the Doberman, and the Sheperd was just running and jumping everywhere and the Boxer was trying to get the Doberman.

I think the usual small dog owner would be so worried because TOto was like a rabbit amidst them, but we are just LAUGHING away at TOto's predicament. I was busy chatting and forgot to take video. It is so funny watching TOto running, rolling, jumping and faking his way around these BIG HUGE DOGS!


  1. My heart was thumping as I read your description of the play scene between TOto and his newfound (BIG) friends! It was hilarious and nerve-wrecking at the same time (lol). I think TOto is actually a big pupster in a little pupster's body ;)

  2. @Maple Momsie,
    I suspect TOto always think he is a WHITE german sheperd, hahaha!

  3. i LOVE this picture of TOto!!! sooooo cute :D